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Alternate Text Format Software to Assist in Writing and Reading Educational Software
  Procedure and Policies  


Alternate Text Format


If an alternate text format is required, the following options are available:  

  • The student may use the Kurzweil software in the Supportive Services Lab, located on all three campuses, as an alternate text format.
  • The student may also request electronic versions of text books which can be provided on CD.
  • The student may request text books and other printed materials in Braille or large text format.
  • The student can also pay a personal individual membership fee to RFB&D.  the Disabilities Coordinator will assist the student in the ordering process each semester.  If a student chooses this option, he or she will be able to use the tapes and CDs at any location.


Software to Assist in Writing and Reading

  • The student may request use of the Amigo, a portable magnifier which can be carried to class.
  • The student may request the PAC MATE, a hand held computer with a GPS unit to use during class or outside of the classroom.
  • The student may use JAWS software in the Supportive Services Resource room located on all campuses.
  • The student may use MAGIC in the Supportive Services Resource room located on all campuses.
  • The student may use Dragon Dictate, a voice recognition software located in the Supportive Services Resource room on all campuses.
  • the student may use Zoom Text software which is a magnification software located on all campuses.
  • The student may request use of the Intel Reader, a hand  held page reader, which can be used in the classroom.  Located on all campuses.


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Educational Software


      The Kurzweil 3000 is a state of the art text-to-voice software program.  The Kurzweil converts written text into a synthesized speech.  This software is especially helpful for students who are dyslexic, for students who are visually impaired, and for students who are slow readers.  The Kurzweil helps students increase reading speed and comprehension.  It uses a multi-sensory approach that allows students to both hear and see the text as they read.  Kurzweil will even let students’ type text and hear the text as they type it.  The Kurzweil is very user-friendly and requires very little training time.  Students may choose from a variety of voices and may adjust reading rate, font size, and the color as well as the amount of text highlighted.  

Kurzweil 3000 is available for the visually impared

Procedure and Policies  

Students entering the Resource Room will be signed into a logbook noting the date of use, equipment and software used, and the time in and out.   

The Disabilities Coordinator, Program Assistant, IT Technician or work study students who are trained in the use of hardware, software and any other equipment in the Resource Room will be available to assist students.

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Resource Room Rules

The following actions may lead to removal from the Resource Room and/or loss of privileges: 

  • ·        Disruptive behavior and/or harassment of others

  • ·        Use or installation of non-academic web pages

  • ·        Theft or attempted theft of Resource Room materials or hardware

  • ·        Use of inappropriate and/or non-educational materials

  • ·        Tampering with hardware or hardware setups

  • ·        Failure to follow instructions of the Resource Room personnel  

Test Taking  

            The Disabilities Office offers quiet areas in which to take examinations.  Students who require extra time and/or a non-distracting environment in which to take examinations enjoy the relaxed, quiet atmosphere in the Disabilities Office.  In addition, we have computers for use in essay examinations and exams that require network/internet access.  

Testing takes place during normal operating hours (8:30am to 5:00pm) Monday through Friday, unless other arrangements are made in advance.  It is the student’s responsibility remind instructors of testing arrangements and to inform the Disabilities Office of the scheduled time and date of the test. 

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Trained Peer Tutors  

Tutors are available through the Tutoring Center which is located on all three campuses.  

Contact your center assistant for individual appointment times.

Note Takers/Class Notes  

  • The student may request a student to take notes for them during class.
  • The student may request a copy or outline of the instructors lecture.
  • The student may use a tape recorder during class. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 permits the use of tape recording for students with a physical or learning disability. It may be appropriate, at times, for the instructor to ask the student to turn off the tape recorder during classroom discussions among other students.
  • The student may take their own notes.
  • The student may use a Ubi-duo, notetaker, communicator.

Sign Language Interpreters  

            The student may require the use of an interpreter in class.  This service will be provided in accordance with the ADA .  

Please contact the Student Disabilities Coordinator for interpreter services.

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