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Academic Alert Information

WVNCC is committed to the academic success of our students. One of the most powerful keys to unlocking student motivation and perseverance is timely feedback.

The Academic Alert System is a proactive communication tool that allows instructors to voluntarily alert students regarding their progress.

Alerts can be issued when an instructor has concerns about performance or to offer praise and encouragement.

Academic alerts of concern allow appropriate supports to be identified and implemented early, while "kudos" provide positive reinforcement and motivation.

Alerts of either kind generate an email message to the student, the student's advisor and the Director of Academic Support Services.  

When a student receives an alert, he/she is advised to, first, connect with the instructor and then connect with the Academic Support Center (ASC) if appropriate.

See alert code descriptions below. Please note that academic alerts run twice weekly, so it may take a day or two for the alert to be processed and received. 

Direct questions about the Academic Alert System to:

CJ Farnsworth (cfarnsworth@wvncc.edu / 304.214.8853)


Shelley DeLuca (sdeluca@wvncc.edu / 304.214.8913)

***FACULTY: Click HERE to submit a detailed academic alert***

 Alert Codes Defined



1: Excessive Absence/Missing Assignments

Student’s lack of attendance and/or work poses a risk of difficulty and failure.

11: Enthusiasm for Learning

Bravo for your enthusiasm regarding course content and learning.

2: Lack of Skill and/or Knowledge

Student does not have adequate prior knowledge or foundational skills. Student is in need of specific content remediation.

22: Attitude & Behavior

Your consistent cooperation, flexibility, and participation are noted and appreciated.

3: Lack of Preparation, Focus and/or Motivation

Student demonstrates no interest in academics, exhibits no desire to be successful and seems to have no identifiable academic purpose.

33: Attendance & Punctuality

You are an impressive student with excellent attendance and timely submission of work.

4: Poor Attitude and/or Behavior

Student may be defensive, combative and/or disruptive through verbal /non-verbal communication and behavior.

44: Motivation

You are a hard worker – self-motivated and conscientious.

5: Personal Issues

Student is dealing with obstacles related to family, finances, transportation, health etc. that are hindering academic success.

55: Communication Skills

You demonstrate excellent communication skills.

6: Would Like to Refer

Student exhibits signs of psychological, learning or mental health distress such that professional intervention may be required.

66: Critical Thinking

You are an excellent problem solver and critical thinker.

7: Other

77: Work Ethic

I see how hard you are working – keep it up.

8: AW (Administrative Withdrawal)

Student has been administratively withdrawn from the class.

88: Strong Start

You have made an excellent first impression and I look forward to your work this semester.



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