West Virginia Northern Community College

Offices and Services

Division of Health and Science


Division Chair

Ralph Lucki, MEd, RRT                                         

Office: 319D Education Center

Phone: (304)-214-8878

Email: rlucki@wvncc.edu                

Administrative Assistant 

Cindy Ritchie                                           

Office: 325 Education Center

Phone: (304)-214-8834

Email: critchie@wvncc.edu



Health and Physical Education 

Shannon Payton

Office: 115 education center

Phone: (304) 214- 8918

Email: spayton@wvncc.edu

Health Information Technology

Koreen Silvestri

Office: 319E Education Center

Phone: (304) 214-8858

Email: ksilvestri@wvncc.edu 


Medical Assisting

Deborah Cresap

Office: 417A Education Center

Phone: (304) 214- 8863

Email: dcresap@wvncc.edu

 Nursing/Patient Care Technician

 Linda Shelek

Office: 317C Education Center

Phone: (304) 214- 8892

Email: lshelek@wvncc.edu


Misty Kahl

Office: 417 E Education Center

Phone: 304-214-8899

Email: mkahl@wvncc.edu

Respiratory Care

Ralph Lucki

Office: 319D Education Center

Phone: (304) 214-8878



Ralph Lucki

Office: 319D Education Center

Phone: (304)  214-8878

Email: rlucki@wvncc.edu

Surgical Technology

Bonnie Peterman

Office: 319B Education Center

Phone: (304) 214- 8883 

Email: bpeterman@wvncc.edu


 Allied Health Professions Application



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