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Retention is a unique challenge for any community college. We, at WV Northern, view retention as a college-wide responsibility: faculty, staff, administrators and students working together to persist and succeed. At WVNCC, persistence and success are our top priorities. Our goal is to provide students with the resources they need to feel empowered and inspired to succeed.

We also believe in strong community partnerships to bridge the gap between academic completion and job acquisition. 

WVNCC has an established Retention Committee dedicated to engaging administration, faculty and staff in exploration and initiation of retention initiatives, facilitating open communication regarding retention initiatives, collaboratively supporting retention initiatives and making recommendations regarding retention initiatives.

 Retention and Student Success Initiatives:

  • Retention Strategic Plan 
  • Academic Alert Program
  • OnTrack Monthly Student Newsletter
  • Total Withdrawal Survey
  • First Year Seminar (FYS) Success Strategies 90 
  • Project Graduation 
  • Project Incomplete
  • New-Student Orientation 
  • Developmental Advising 
  • FastTrack Programs
  • Support Coaching
  • Family and Friends Network 
  • GPS Degree Completion Initiative
  • Emergency Assistance Fund Program
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Program (SAPP) 
  • 15 to Finish
  • Student Focus Groups
  • Student Support Workshop Series

Many other activities are in place on all of our campuses as we continually strive to improve student retention and success.

 Links to Online Resources

Financial Literacy and Student Success wiki. Helpful information about money management and student success strategies.

Goal Setting & Time Management.  View the information in this presentation to learn and practice the importance of setting short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals and accomplishing those goals with effective time management strategies during your time in school (and thereafter).

Stress Management.  This presentation covers everything you need to know about stress to start taking over your life rather than stress taking over you.  Learn the definition of stress, the causes of stress, its effects, and behavioral, physical, and cognitive strategies for coping with stress.

Note-taking Tips.  Note-taking is a key activity to practice and  use in the classroom.  All students can benefit from understanding effective note-taking, which includes using active listening skills, adopting a note-taking system that works for the individual and the class, and picking out key verbal and nonverbal cues from instructors to discern which information is the most "noteworthy."   

Test-taking Tips.  Tests can be just about any student's "scary monster in the closet."  However, knowing how to prepare for tests from the first day of class and after can help any student conquer the test beast.




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