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Student Data

Research into enrollment characteristics of our students, evidence of their success, and their opinions is critical for institutional effectiveness, program review, enrollment management and other areas of College operations. Reports for data at the institution level are available through the links below. You may also want to visit the WVNCC Consumer Information page or national reports that utilize our data such as WVNCC College Navigator; College Scorecard; and College Affordability and Transparency Center.  


Achievement Outcomes

Graduation Rates:  
The 150% graduation rate for full-time students entering West Virginia Northern in Fall 2013 was 20%. Links to reports coming soon! 

Transfer Success:
The transfer-out rate for full-time students entering West Virginia Northern in Fall 2013 was 14%.

WVNCC is actively implementing a plan to improve our accuracy in not only tracking how many of our students transfer to other institutions, but also in determining a critical outcome for transfer students; whether they ultimately succeed in earning bachelor’s degrees. 

 Licensure Success Rates:

  2014-15  2015-16   2016-17
All test-takers 78.3% 81.8% 84.4%
     Male 76.0% 80.65% 90.0%
     Female 79.0% 82.0% 83.4%
     Individuals with disabilities 50.0% 75.0% 80.0%
     Economically Disadvantaged 78.4% 81.8% 85.8%
     Nontradtional Enrollees (by gender according to program) NA 90.5% 82.4%

Gainful Employment:
The gainful employment page provides student consumer information and gainful employment disclosures for qualifying certificate programs, including program length, estimated cost of completion, median loan debt, and on-time completion rates. View Gainful Employment Information.



54% of the first-time, full-time undergraduate students who enrolled in the Fall of 2015 returned in the Fall of 2016. The part-time student retention rate was 38%. Retention Reports - coming soon!    

Student Characteristics

Fall Census Profile: 2017 Report
Contains headcount, gender, race/ethnicity, full/part-time, registration status, degree objective, residence, most enrolled programs, the percentage of students receiving financial aid, and more.

Student Surveys

Archive of CCSSEE, Student Satisfaction Surveys, and Graduating Student Survey reports coming soon!

Awards and Accreditations