West Virginia Northern Community College


Draft Minutes, Faculty Assembly, 1 April 2011

Faculty Assembly Minutes

1 April 2011

121 EC Wheeling 2:00 pm

Phone Conference to NM and Weir


Present: T. Aftanas, S. Baricska, S. Beck, R. Berry, S. Buerdsell, C. Cornforth, T. Craig, D. Cresap, C. Dale, T. Danford, M. Davis, F. DeCaria, M. Deichler, G. Evans, D. Ferrell, D. Folger, J. Fossan, D. Goeddel, M. Goldstein, M. Grubor, R. Guy, D. Hans, C. Harbert, K. Herrington, L. Ingram, C. Kefauver, J. Keyser, A.Kuca, R. Lucki, R. Malek, L. Miller, M. Marlin, M. Merz, C. Morris, K. Musilli, B. Peterman, J. Plesa, D. Poffenberger, J. Reho, C. Riter, D. Ryan (presiding), S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, L. Shelek, V. Slider, C. Stokes, J. Tully, J. VanFossan,  T. Vavra, M. Watson, G. Winland, D. Yadrick, M. Wycherley,

D. Ryan called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. The minutes of the March 2011 meeting were approved as published on a motion by C. Rogerson with a second by D. Poffenberger.

Committee Reports




No meeting—work is on-going


No meeting—meet next week

Distance Education

P. Sharma noted there are two items up on the committee discussion forum:

Blackboard 9 is coming in 2013—all current courses will transfer over

For the Change Request—information is being gathered on courses and training.

Enrollments Managenment

No report


M. Goldstein noted that the legislative session has ended and the salary stipend was approved and is to be distributed to the college.

Two openings for Great Teachers.

Board of Governors

R. Berry reported that the budget bill was passed by the Governor.

The board voted for the faculty request of $1000 to base and one step.

Federal changes coming to the Pell Grant program. Since 70% of our students receive the Pell grant, the BOG sent a resolution to oppose the reduction of the program.

Institutional Technologies

TSG has received the contract, they did a presentation and we will not have to redo our pages. All labs will be changing to Windows 7 and office 10, Carol is willing to do some faculty training during the fall return week.


No meeting

Professional Development

No meeting

General Education

T. Danford reported they are currently working on Goals 3 and 4. He is still waiting on a few instructors to return the chart that was sent out. Plans are underway for the evaluation of goals 5 and 6 in 2011.


Five packets were evaluated by the committee and recommendations have been sent to Dr. Olshinsky.

Budget Committee

No meeting, however T. Vavra had spoken with the President and he agreed that if the governor’s budget held, the enhancement would stay, as well as the $1000 to base and increment step.


Packets are currently being reviewed.


No meeting

Textbook Affordability Committee

No meeting.


Old business


After the merit report, faculty questioned the number of packets submitted. They asked why were there so few. Several faculty noted it was too much trouble and there was too little money associated with it.


On a motion by C. Rogerson with a second by D. Poffenberger, the following motion was made:

As a gesture of solidarity, no one will apply for merit next year.


After further discussion on the motion, C. Rogerson withdrew the motion prior to a vote.


M. Davis asked about the former request that was made concerning administrators being in charge of the merit process and review.


C. Kefauver noted that the proposal was taken forward, however Dr. Olshinsky wanted a faculty driven process with faculty involved in the review. He also noted that there are two administrators seated on the current committee who are involved in the review process.


C. Cornforth made a motion, seconded by T. Danford to seek methods to increase the pool of funding for merit to make it more attractive to perform meritorious activities.


After an extended discussion, the motion was withdrawn and the issue was tabled after T. Danford recommended issuing a statement from the Faculty Assembly noting the “Merit System is broken.”


New Business

Faculty Executive Committee Election:

The following members were elected for the term 2011-2013: C. Cornforth, M. Davis, D. Folger, M. Goldstein, R. Guy, P. Sharma, M. Watson. The winners are:


Returning members fulfilling the 2010-2012 term are:  C. Dale, F. DeCaria, S. Gress, L. Ingram, C. Kefauver, J. Plesa, and D. Ryan

D. Ryan noted that Dr. Gress had completed his last day at WVNCC yesterday, so there is a seat open.

Due to the recent election, T. Danford noted that the next person in line declined a seat, however C. Morris is willing to serve and has the next highest vote total. The assembly endorsed C. Morris as an Executive Committee member.


D.Ryan asked for nominations for President-elect/Vice President:

C. Morris nominated by M. Davis

T. Danford made a motion to close nominations seconded by C. Kefauver.

D. Ryan asked for nominations for Secretary.

No one on the executive committee will serve as secretary. C. Harbert volunteered to serve from the General Assembly.


On a motion by C. Rogerson with a second by R. Lucki, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Lisa Ingram

Acting Secretary



Awards and Accreditations