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Draft Minutes, Faculty Assembly, 10 January 2011

Faculty Assembly Minutes

10 January 2011

B&O Auditorium 1:00 pm


Present: T. Aftanas, K. Atkins, S. Baricska, S. Beck, R. Berry, C. Blatt, S. Buerdsell, C. Cornforth, T. Craig, D. Cresap, C. Dale, T. Danford, M. Davis, F. DeCaria, M. Deichler, C. Eastham, G. Evans, D. Ferrell, D. Folger, M. Goldstein, S. Gress, M. Grubor, R. Guy, D. Hans, K. Herrington, S. Hupp, L. Ingram (presiding), J. Keyser, A. Kuca, R. Lucki, R. Malek, M. Marlin, M. Merz, L. Miller, C. Morris, K. Musilli, B. Peterman, J. Plesa, D. Poffenberger, R. Pusz, T. Ramsey, J. Reho, J. Remias, C. Riter, C. Rogerson, D. Roth, D. Ryan, S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, L. Shelek, V. Slider, J. Tully, J. VanFossan, T. Vavra, M. Watson, G. Winland, M. Wycherley, D. Yadrick

Excused Intersession instructors:D. Goeddel, C. Harbert, C. Kefauver, C. Stokes

L. Ingram called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm in the B&O auditorium.  All faculty were expected to attend in Wheeling since it was the first day of faculty return for Spring Semester. L. Ingram reported that Carol Teaff was awarded emeritus status and thanks the faculty.

Approval of Minutes

 The minutes of the 5 November meeting were approved as published on a motion by J. Plesa with a second by D. Cresap. T. Danford announced that a new secretary will need to be identified for a term beginning 1 April 2011.


Committee Reports




Assessment committee work is progressing. Fall Semester course assessment reports are due 15 Feb 11.


Work is ongoing on a lot of curriculum changes. Stay tuned.

Distance Education

No meeting

Enrollments Managenment

No meeting


M. Goldstein attended the most recent ACF meeting and distributed the 2009-10 ACF report card.

Board of Governors

R. Berry reported only routine business.

Institutional Technologies

Web page re-design is out on RFP.


No December meeting

Professional Development

No meeting

General Education

No December meeting


See actions taken later.

Budget Committee

Met; capital request time.


No meeting


No meeting

Textbook Affordability Committee

No meeting

Self Study Steering Committee

Meets later today… progress is happening.


Old business

Merit Again

L. Ingram reported that the Merit committee has refined and revised (condensed) some of the merit forms. There is a question on the distribution of funds. Two options were presented:


Option 1:  80% of allocated funds is divided among those faculty earning Level 3

                  15% of allocated funds is divided among those faculty earning Level 2

                    5% of allocated funds is divided among those faculty earning Level 1


Option 2:  amount per merit point = allocated funds/total points earned where

                  total points earned = (# faculty at Level 3 X 23) + (# faculty at Level 2 X 18) + (# faculty at Level 1 X 12)


On a motion by T. Vavra with a second by T. Danford, Option 2 was approved.

On a motion by R. Pusz with a second by M. Grubor, the Faculty Assembly requests final review and approval of the merit policy once the President and Vice President of Academic Affairs approves it. This motion passed unanimously.


New Business

M. Goldstein raised the question of faculty salaries and whether or not we will be able to keep the current enhancements. M. Goldstein asked that faculty email him with support for moving the enhancements to a permanent raise to base salary.


On a motion by S. Gress with a second by D. Cresap, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.


Respectfully submitteed,


Thomas R. Danford





Awards and Accreditations