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Applications for admission may be obtained on this web site, the campus service centers of each regional campus, and from most area high school counselors or by mail. All student records are maintained in the Wheeling Admissions Office. Students in New Martinsville and Weirton may submit application materials to their respective campuses or directly to the Admissions Office in Wheeling. Application materials include, as appropriate:

  1. A signed application for admission to the College.
  2. An application fee, if required. Certain limited enrollment programs require an application fee.
  3. A transcript of high school grades or GED™ scores is required for first-time and transfer students seeking a degree or certificate if the applicant has completed high school/GED™ requirements during the past five years and earned fewer than 30 semester hours from a regionally accredited postsecondary educational institution. Transcripts should be sent directly from the high school. They are to be submitted prior to admission to the College.
  4. A transcript(s) of all previous college work sent directly from the issuing institution if the applicant has attended other colleges. (See "Admission Procedures -Transfer Student ".)
  5. Course placement testing is required for any student who has not met or exceeded designated cut off scores on the ACT/SAT tests. Cut off scores for ACT are, Math 19, English 18, Reading 17. Also exempt from course placement testing are those students who have successfully completed a college level math and /or English class.
  6. A transient student letter from applicants who are registered at another college(s) but are taking coursework at West Virginia Northern. (See "Admission Procedures -Transient Student ".)
  7. Proof of immunization for measles and rubella. All first-time students and out-of-state transfer students enrolling on a full-time basis who were born after January 1, 1957, will be required to provide proof of immunization for measles and rubella. Acceptable documentation is as follows:

a. proof that student was born before January 1, 1957,
b. copy of permanent health record with report of immunization sent from a high school,
c. proof that measles and rubella vaccine was given after one year of age,
d. report of immune titer or a positive antibody test proving immunity, or
e. history signed by physician that person had disease (applies to measles only).

Exemptions to this Board of Directors policy are the following:

  1. Medical - statement from a licensed physician which certifies that the immunization is or may be detrimental to student's health, and
  2. Religious - a written, signed and notarized statement of bona fide religious beliefs and opposition to the immunization requirements.

Students must present proof of immunization or exemption prior to enrolling or no later than the end of their first semester of enrollment. Failure to do so will result in all future registration being prohibited until proper documentation is submitted.

All male students age 18-26 enrolling at West Virginia Northern Community College must be in compliance with the Military Selective Service Act. If you are not registered, click here to do so now. Check at the Student Services area on any campus for further information.

Failure to file admission materials may delay or prevent admission and delay the transfer of credits from other institutions. All application materials become the property of the College and will not be returned.
For additional information about admission, contact the Office of Admissions.

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