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Transient Student

WVNCC welcomes TRANSIENT STUDENTS to take classes which are available throughout the year and meet the needs of their academic program. Students enjoy the great community college tuition rate while earning college credit.

Students wishing to take courses as TRANSIENT STUDENTS must complete the following:

1) Complete an ADMISSIONS APPLICATION available from any Campus Service Center or on-line or printed from PDF version below. The form can be submitted electronically, delivered in person, sent by mail to your local campus or faxed to (304) 232-8187. Transient students can register online once a TRANSIENT FORM from their "home institution" is received by the Registrar's Office.

Admissions Application Form (pdf printable)

Apply Online Here

2)Students officially enrolled at another college must obtain a letter of transient status from the Registrar at their home institution. This letter will indicate that the course(s) to be taken at WVNCC will transfer into the respective programs of study at the home institution. Transient letters received serve both as a waiver of prerequisite courses and as a protection for students on the agreement of transfer of coursework back to their home institution. NOTE: Students who do not choose to get letters of transient status may enroll as transfer students, provided they submit all required transcripts and complete all admissions processes.

3) Payment for courses is required by the published LAST DAY TO PAY or on the day a student registers after that. Payment can be received in cash, check or credit card. Students who plan to use their financial aid from their "home" institution must have a CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT sent directly from their "home institution" to WVNCC before the LAST DAY TO PAY or on the day they register after that. Transient students are not eligible for financial aid through WVNCC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: WVNCC cancels classes each night for non-payment beginning with the published LAST DAY TO PAY and every day after that.

4) Upon completion of coursework at West Virginia Northern, transient students must request to have an official transcript sent to their home school. Transcript request forms can be picked up at any campus, are available in PDF (TranscriptRequestForm) , or can be requested through your NOW account. A fee is required for each transcript requested.

5) Textbooks for WVNCC can be purchased at any campus bookstore or through online purchase on the WV Northern website. Textbooks can be shipped or picked up at a campus based on prior arrangements. WVNCC bookstore operational hours vary by campus, students should make sure of the hours of operation of the campus bookstore to purchase textbooks.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS: Students who are attempting to make up hours or to improve their GPA for the PROMISE Scholarship are advised to also check with their "home institution" financial aid office to be sure of the timeline for submitting grades. Courses at WVNCC which are taken Pass/Fail may not qualify for PROMISE. Students are encouraged to thoroughly check out all information prior to registration.

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