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Community Access Policy


Title 131 Legislative Rule. State College System of West Virginia. Board of Directors. Series 55. Title: Use of Institutional Facilities.


The West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) Learning Resources Center (LRC) is open for use by members of the college and for use by the general public. The first concern of the LRC is to provide adequate collections and services to the students, faculty, and staff of the college. However, the LRC attempts to make our collections and services available to anyone who needs them, particularly to people who cannot find the specialized material they need elsewhere. Members of the community are invited to search the online catalog, use our book collections, and access our web page and databases within the LRC. Certain rules and regulations pertain to the types of LRC materials that can be checked out. All guidelines for use of LRC computers must be followed. The conduct of community members while using the LRC collections is also governed by policies that are conductive to the appropriate use of the facility and the LRC collections.



The mission of the West Virginia Northern Community College Learning Resource Center, with locations on the Weirton, Wheeling, and New Martinsville Campuses is to support the instructional programs of West Virginia Northern Community College by providing the guidance, resources, and services necessary to serve the informational, cultural, learning, and developmental needs of its students, faculty, staff, and administrators. In addition, the Learning Resource Center extends its resources to meet the informational and educational needs of the people, the businesses, and the organizations of the Upper Ohio Valley. Professionally qualified librarians will fulfill this responsibility by selecting, purchasing, organizing, managing, and providing access to resources of a wide variety of subjects which reflect all points of view and in all formats. The Learning Resource Center also serves as a vital link for the college community to the local, regional, national, and international community by providing access to information that is not the property of the Learning Resource Center.


To serve such a diverse group of people, it is necessary to develop specific guidelines as to the public access of our collection. A community borrower’s card is necessary to check materials out of the building and to use the computers in the LRC.



  • *Adults – 18 yrs. and older residing in the WVNCC service region.
  • *Each community patron must have a Library Card.
  • Picture ID and/or proof of residency is required when applying for a LRC Library Card.
  • *There is no cost for the card.
  • *The Library Card will expire each year and must be renewed in person.



The needs of the students, staff, and faculty of WVNCC are given first priority. If there is a heavy demand by the college community for LRC materials in certain areas or classifications, materials in these areas will not circulate to anyone other than members of the college community.

With this in mind, the following restrictions apply to community borrowers:

  • *No more than three items may be checked out at a time.
  • *Items may be checked out for three weeks.
  • *Items are subject to recall and will be due back within 7 days of the recall.
  • *Audiovisual items cannot be checked out.
  • *Magazines cannot be checked out.
  • *Limited use of interlibrary loan service. (Ask librarian for policy.)
  • *Visitors may use the coin-operated photocopiers.

There are no fines for overdue materials, but please return materials on time.

Notices will be mailed out stating overdue items.

Those who routinely return materials late or damaged will have their borrowing privileges withdrawn, and you will receive an invoice for replacement of overdue items.

The privilege of borrowing materials belongs only to the individual registered. Please do not expect to check out materials for friends or members of your family, or loan them your card.



*You must have a valid Library Card.

*WVNCC students have first access to the LRC computers. Community patrons must follow the computer use
priorities established for the LRCs.

*Follow the Computer Usage Guidelines.

*On some campuses, it may be necessary for LRC staff to restrict use of the LRC computers by community patrons to only certain computers in a designated area.

*It may also be necessary for LRC staff to place a daily time limit on use of the computers by community patrons. The
time limit would be one-hour access per day. A second hour could be added if no other community patrons were
waiting to use the equipment. No more than two hours access per day would be permitted.


*Follow the Rules and Regulations for Conduct in the LRC

LRC staff reserves the right to determine if these guidelines have been violated, or that any other abuse of the LRC facilities has occurred. Violations may result in temporary or permanent loss of LRC privileges.