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  Name Title Campus Room/Bldg Phone Email
___Call Offices & Services (304) 233-5900 Not Available
Alfred, TamiDirector of Student ServicesWheelingB&O
Aulick, KristiAcademic AdvisorWheelingB&O
Baker, ChanaInstructor EnglishWheelingB&O
Baker, LisaAdministrative Assistant Allied HealthWheelingEC
Barnhardt, DavidDirector of Communications & Student RecruitmentWheelingB&O
Bennett, DebbieManager Campus Operations New MartinsvilleNew MartinsvilleNM
Blaha, ReganDirector Of Student EngagementWheelingStudent
Brak, RobertDirector of HR & DevelopmentWheelingB&O
Britt, JoyceAssistant Professor - Psychology Human Services & SociologyWheelingB&O
Buchanan, Dr. HollieAssistant Professor - MathematicsWeirtonWTN
Campanizzi, CoryEarly Entrance Student Success CoachEC
Canter, R.J.Assitant Professor - PsychologyWeirtonWTN
Castello, BernardCampus Service Worker WheelingWheelingB&O
Coffield, HopeAdmin Assistant - Opioid Impacted Family Support GrantWheelingEC
Combs, RobertInstructor -
Corbin, ChrisDirector of Information TechnologyWheelingB&O
Cunningham, SaraInstructor - Surgical TechWeirtonWTN
Cunningham, StephanieProgram CoordinatorWheeling319A
Curto, HilaryPrint Design Graphics
Dahlem, AnitaAssistant Professor - NursingWeirtonWTN
Davis, FrankCampus Service Worker WheelingWheelingEC
Decola, MargaretRecords OfficerWheelingB&O
Derrico, JennaSpecial Populations CounselorWheelingB&O
Dlesk, KellyFinancial Aid Counsler SeniorWheelingB&O
Donahue, NicholeHuman Resources Assistant IWheelingB&O
Doolin, JeremyAssistant Professor CITWeirtonWHG 330C B&
Doudna, SharonWheelingEC
Eddy, DanielInformation Technology ConsultantWheelingB&O
Edwards, TinaProgram Assistant 1 WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Ellis, JohnMaintenance Worker IWheelingB&O
Evans, RobinAdministrative Secretary - ASCWheelingB&O
Faldowski, Officer RonCampus
Ferrell, DarceyAssociate Professor PsychologyNew MartinsvilleNM
Ferrise, RachaelCampus Counselor - WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Fike, JanetVice President of Student Care & SuccessWheelingB&O
Franks, CharlesInformation Technology ConsultantNew MartinsvilleNM
Frohnapfel, AbelInstructor - NursingWheelingEC
Gibb, RobertProgram Assistant I New MartinsvilleNew MartinsvilleNM Front
Gomez, DanielInstructor - MathWeirtonWTN
Harbert, CrystalDivision Chair Liberal ArtsWheelingWTN
Harvath, JoanHuman Resources Representative - PayrollWheelingB&O
Hausinger, MelanieInstructor - MathematicsWheelingEC
Hawk, AngelaDirector of AssessmentWheelingEC
Hays, DavidNursing FacultyWheelingWTN
Herrington, KathyProgram Director & Professor - Education Human Services & OpioWheelingEC
Hickman, BriannaProgram Manager – Opioid-Impacted Family Support ProgramWheelingEC
Hippensteel, CurtisInstructional Specialist - Petroleum TechnologyWheelingITC
Hippensteel, TerriWorkforce CoordinatorWheelingB&
Holt, PaigeInstructor NursingWeirtonWTN
Hyde, KatrinaAccountant SeniorWheelingB&O
Indermuhle, DanaInstructional Specialist - Advanced ManufacturingNew
Kahl, MistyAssociate Professor & Program Director of RadiographyWheelingEC
Kalb, HeatherProgram Director & Assistant Professor - BiologyWheelingB&O
Kappel, StephanieExecutive Assistant to the PresidentWheelingB&O
Kefauver, ChristianProgram Director & Professor - Culinary ArtsWheelingEC
Keyser, JillProgram Director & Professor - NursingWheelingEC
Killeen, BrandyProgram Director & Instructional Specialist - WeldingWheelingITC
Kimes, JeffreyCampus Service Worker WheelingWheelingB&O
Kingry, DavidCampus Service Worker New MartinsvilleNew MartinsvilleNM
Kleeh, DeborahHIT FacultyWheelingEC
Klein, PhilVice President of Economic Workforce & DevelopmentWheelingB&O
Klinger, RogerCDL Program DirectoryWheelingB&O
Kloss, JulieLibrary AssociateWheelingB&O
Kozdras, PeterCampus Service Worker WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Kriechbaum, JenniferAssistant Professor - MathematicsWheelingB&O
Kuca, ArleneAssociate Professor - NursingWheelingEC
Labriola, JohnInstructional Specialist -
Lantz, JenniferAssistant Professor - MathematicsNew MartinsvilleB&O
Lantz, JohnDivision Chair (Business & STEM) Program Director Assistant PWheelingEC
Lawson, MichaelInstructional Specialist - InstrumentationWeirton224
Leghlid, SaidInstructor - Speech CommunicationWheelingEC
Lim, SkyWheelingEC
Lyons, RitaGraphic Arts DesignerWheelingB&O
Marker, TriciaDirector of Facilities & Project ManagementWheelingMaintenance
Mayhugh, ArdellHuman Resources RepresentativeWheelingB&O
McCarthy, KatherineStudent Care & Success
McClure, DanielTrade Specialist IWheelingB&O
McIntosh, MaryJeanInstructor NursingWeirtonWTN
Midcap, JackCampus Service Worker New MartinsvilleNew MartinsvilleNM
Montgomery, DanCampus Service Worker WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Montgomery, JackOffice Administrator WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Montgomery, ScottInformation Technology ConsultantWeirtonWTN
Mosser, Dr. DanielPresidentWheelingB&O
Mulhern, KarriExecutive Director - Business Services and Corporate TrainingWheelingB&O
Mulyuk, RustemAssistant Professor - MathematicsWheelingEC
Nopwasky, BarbaraInstructor - NursingWheelingEC
Nosko, NancyLibrary Tech Assistant 1 WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Omelchenko-Comer, NataliaInstructor BiologyWheelingB&O
Ossman, TilllieLibrary Tech Assistant IWheelingB&O
Patterson, KimInstructional DesignerWheelingWTN
Peterman, BonnieDivision Chair Health Sciences & Assistant Professor of Surg TechWheelingEC
Pitcher, TamiProgram Director & Assistant Professor - Surgical TechnologyWheelingEC
Queen, ThomasTrades Specialist Lead 1 WheelingWheelingB&O
Rawlings, NolanEarly Entrance Student Success CoachEC
Reho, JohnProfessor - EnglishWeirtonWTN
Roper, PatriciaAssistant Professor - Business & AccountingWheelingEC
Ryan, DelilahProfessor HistoryWheelingEC
Ryan, HeidiInstructor & Program Director CITWheelingEC
Sayre, JeffVice President of Administrative Service & CFOWheelingB&O
Schramm, DonnaSmall Business Development CenterWheelingB&O
Schrump, AprilAccountant SeniorWheelingB&O
Scott Guzek,
Sharma, Dr. PurnimaVice President of Institutional EffectivenessWheelingEC
Smith, StephanieAcademic Program AssociateWheelingB&O
Soly, LisaDirector of ACTion centerWeirtonWTN
Spurlock, RanaDirector of Institutional AdvancementWheelingB&O
Starkey, MattApplication ProgrammerWheelingB&O
Steele, LindaEMS Program DirectorWheelingB&O
Stephens, MelissaInstructor & Clinical Coordinator RadiographyWheelingEC
Stoffel, DavidDivision Chair Business & Public Services & Associate Professor CITWheelingEC
Thorn, DennisAdmissions CounselorWheelingB&O
Timko, MelissaWheeling317A
Tugali, VikramEC
Vensel, ThomasCampus Service Worker WheelingWheelingB&O
Wallace, GeraldSupervisor Campus Services WorkersWheelingB&O
Weisenborn, TessaTitle III Project DirectorWheelingB&O
Williams, IdaAcademic Support Center Program Coordinator WeirtonWeirtonWTN
Winland, Dr. GregProfessor - EnglishWeirtonWTN
Wolf, AdrianaDirector of Learning ServicesWheelingB&O
Woods, JasonInformation Technology ConsultantWheelingB&O
Yesenczki, RebeccaDirector of Academic OperationsWheelingB&O