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Computer Usage Guidelines

Each Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) has computers available for use by students, faculty, staff, and community patrons. Users must abide by all regulations pertaining to their use including: Internet Acceptable Use, WVNCC Policy No. 4.6.1 and any other state of WV or Federal laws which govern the use of these computing facilities. The college IT (Information Technology) department is responsible for blocking some access to Internet web pages and for the monitoring of computers in the LRCs.

Regulations and guidelines:
1. Computers are to be used for educational purposes.
2. WVNCC students have first access to LRC computers. Follow the computer use priorities established for the LRCs.
3. Everyone who uses the computers in the LRC must be a registered student, faculty, staff, or have a valid Library Card.
4. Follow the procedures to sign in at the circulation desk and use a computer.
5. Printing is restricted to 25 pages per student per day.
6. Computers are public and are used by many different people. Users should have their own storage devices to save files. Do not save to the hard drive (C).
7. Users are not permitted to install software or download files, games, music, or programs onto the computers.
8. Users are not permitted to change any default settings on the computers.
9. Users should not abuse or damage equipment. Users should not abuse the college computer network. Any disruption or degradation of the college computer network will not be tolerated. When college IT staff informs the LRC staff of an abuse of the network from the computer you are using, the LRC staff will ask you to leave that computer immediately.
10. Food is not permitted in the computer area – drinks must be in closed containers.
11. Respect the rights and privacy of others. Users shall take full responsibility for messages that they transmit through the LRC computers.
12. Do not use the Internet for illegal activities (e.g., threats, instructions on how to perform an illegal act, child pornography, drug dealing, gang activities, harassment, hate crimes, etc.).
13. Displaying of sexually explicit images or sounds where others can see or hear them may create a hostile environment and could constitute sexual harassment. Library Staff may intervene and direct users to cease this activity.
14. Demonstrate common courtesy by not disrupting others using the LRC computers. The LRC staff has the right to set time limits on using the equipment.
15. Do not violate the legal protection provided by copyright and license agreements. Respect the intellectual property of others.
16. Users should not attempt to turn on, turn off, or reboot the computers. All technical problems must be referred to LRC staff.
17. The LRC computers are for use on a first come, first served basis. Computers cannot be reserved for individuals or classes.

LRC staff and the college IT department reserve all rights in determining if a computer is being used responsibly or not, and reserves the right to refuse or terminate use of the computers to anyone deemed violating the guidelines above, or any other perceived abuse of the LRC computers.

Violations of these guidelines may result in the temporary or permanent loss of computing privileges.

The LRC is not responsible for damages, indirect or direct, arising from library patron’s use of electronic information resources.

Content of Internet Resources: Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be accurate and reliable and may or may not be obtained from a reliable source. The LRC is not responsible for the content of any information used from the Internet.