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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)


West Virginia Northern Community College

Library/Learning Resource Center

  1. Basic Guidelines
    1. The sharing of material between libraries is an integral element in the provision of library service.  In the interest of providing quality service, the library has an obligation to obtain material to meet the informational needs of patrons when local resources do not meet those needs.  Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a mechanism for obtaining materials between libraries.  ILL is a service provided by the WVNCC Community College Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) to assist faculty, staff, and students with their research needs.  Library staff will locate and acquire, whenever possible, requested materials that are not owned by the LRC.
    2. The LRC follows the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (revised 2008) set up by the American Library Association and the copyright law of the U.S. (Title 17, U.S. Code) and the CONTU guidelines.  Regulations of individual libraries and reciprocal agreements will also be followed.
    3. All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use this service with a valid library card.  All material borrowed must be for academic use.  Community members may use ILL only if they make their request first at their local public library.  If they have been denied there, and they have a valid library card, they may request materials through ILL.  Community members may only place three (3) ILL requests per month and follow the fee stipulated in the fee structure.  Any misuse of these guidelines, or any material not returned will end all future ILL transactions, and the person will be billed for replacement of the items not returned.
    4. The LRC reserves the right to limit requests when copyright limits are exceeded (CONTU guidelines).  If the LRC owns the requested item, the item may not be obtained by ILL even if it is checked out.  Textbooks cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan.  Textbooks currently in use or for sale in the College Bookstore will not be borrowed.  Current textbooks owned by the library are located on reserve at the Circulation Desk and can be searched through the WVNCC Library Catalog.
  2. Borrowing Policy
    1. Responsibilities of the West Virginia Northern Community College Library/Learning Resource Center as a borrowing library:
      1. The LRC will implement borrowing policies with due consideration to other libraries.
      2. The LRC will attempt to process the incoming requests for materials in a timely manner.  Books can usually be obtained within two weeks.  Articles may be received by photocopy in the mail within a week or by email to us within a day.
      3. The LRC will submit requests using the OCLC utility.
    2. Types of material that may be borrowed:
      1. Books (except current textbooks)
      2. Single digital copy or photocopy of a magazine or journal article
      3. Some (very limited) audiovisual items including DVDs and audio material
    3. Most libraries will not usually lend the following items:
    4. Reference or reserve material
    5. Textbooks currently in use
    6. Rare, valuable, and unique material that would be impossible to replace
    7. Material in high demand at the lending library
    8. New books (published within the last 12 months)
    9. Bulky or fragile items – those that are difficult to ship
    10. Audio-visual materials or computer software
    11. Magazines, journals, and microforms

      D.  Library patron’s borrowing responsibilities:

  1. An ILL borrowing request must be submitted on the appropriate form with                 complete bibliographic information.
  2. All fees must be paid in full
  3. Material must be returned by the date specified by the lending library and the LRC
  4. Care should be taken when using library material so that it is not damaged or destroyed.  The patron will be responsible for replacement of damaged materials.

      E.  Renewals

  1. If a renewal of material is needed, the LRC should be contacted one week in advance of the due date.  The lending library will be contacted to see if a renewal is approved.  Patrons are only permitted to request a renewal once for the same material.  If the renewal is not approved, the patron may not reorder the same item from a different library.

      F.  ILL Fee Structure

            1.  Students will be provided ILL services for actual cost reimbursement only.

                  (Actual cost - fees charged by the lending library)

  1. Administration, faculty, and staff members will be provided ILL services for actual cost reimbursement only.
  2. Community patrons requesting ILL services will be required to pay all actual costs plus a transaction fee of $5.00 for each request.

4. Each borrower will be asked to state a maximum cost when ordering materials and this cost limitation will not be exceeded if the actual cost of borrowing from that library is higher.  The LRC does attempt to order materials from libraries which do not charge fees before borrowing from libraries that do charge.

      G.  Payment for lost or damaged items.

            1.  Lost or damaged books will incur a $5.00 processing fee, any overdue fines, and the   replacement cost of the book.

      H.  Late material

            1.  Every effort should be made to return library material on time.  In some cases, the     lending library may have a fine which must be paid by the borrower.  Letters will be sent             out immediately when an item is due to recall overdue materials.  If material is not            returned a hold will be placed on student transcripts and records.

       I.  Violations – a patron will lose his/her ILL privileges if he/she repeatedly disregards ILL     guidelines.

  1. Some actions which may result in suspension of ILL privileges are:

a. Returning ILL material late

b. Not picking up requested materials

c. Not paying fees when required

  1. Decisions regarding suspension and renewal of ILL privileges are made by the Director of Libraries.
  2. The Director of Libraries reserves all rights in determining if a patron is using ILL privileges correctly.

III. Lending Policy

     A.  Responsibilities of WVNCC Library/Learning Resource Center as a lending library:

  1. The LRC will implement lending guidelines with due consideration for the needs of its primary clientele, the college community.
  2. The LRC will attempt to process requests within two working days of receipt.
  3. The LRC will notify the borrowing library promptly through OCLC if requested materials are not being sent.

4.  Photocopy services and on-site use of non-circulating collections are available.

  1. The LRC will honor all reciprocal borrowing agreements in which they take part

    B.  The LRC will not lend the following items unless approved by the Director of Libraries:

            1.  Reference material

            2.  Career Corner materials

            3.  Periodicals, journals, or microforms

            4.   Archived materials

            5.  Computer software

            6.  Audio-visual material

            7.  New books (published within the last 12 months)

            9.  Theses/Dissertations

            10.  Current textbooks

     C.  The LRC accepts requests via OCLC, Facsimile, and ALA forms, mail, and phone.

     D.  Books

            1.  The loan period for a book is one month

  1. Books may be renewed via phone or OCLC if the item is not needed by another patron.
  2. The LRC will only approve a renewal once for the same book.
  3. The LRC does not charge any fees or postage when lending books

     E.  Periodicals and Journals

  1. The LRC will not lend periodicals but will photocopy or email any material needed within copyright compliance laws.

Rev. 2/16