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Interlibrary Loan Fees and Tips

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

Library/Learning Resource Center Interlibrary Loan Fee Structure 

*Student, faculty and staff members will be provided ILL services for actual cost reimbursement. (Actual cost is the fee charged by some libraries to lend their materials.)
*Community members requesting ILL service will be required to pay all actual costs plus the transaction fee of $5.00 per each request. (Community members should use their local public library first.  See if they have the materials that they need or if they can get the material by Interlibrary Loan for them.)
*Each borrower will be asked to state a maximum cost when ordering materials and this cost limitation will be provided to the lending library. The library does attempt to order materials from libraries which do not charge fees before borrowing from libraries that do charge.
*Any lost or damaged materials on loan from another library must be replaced with the cost determined by the lending library. A $5.00 processing fee will be added by the WVNCC Library/Learning Resource Center. 

Tips When Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL):
1. Begin early! It takes time to locate and receive any resource outside the Library/Learning Resource Center system.
2. Exhaust all possibilities of your topic before requesting ILL You may need to narrow, broaden, or readjust the focus of your research. Try to develop the majority of your sources within the existing library collection. It is better to rely on ILL for a few special sources rather than all of your research.
3. Be sure that you have ascertained that no information or not enough information exists in the LRC collection before you request ILL. Check the WVNCC Library Catalog and the library online databases.
4. Always enlist the help of a librarian when contemplating the use of ILL Be open to suggestions and advise that he/she may give you, but don't expect the librarian to provide you with a research topic.
5. When filling out an interlibrary loan form, always print the information, and do not use abbreviations. Be sure to indicate where you obtained the citation. Also be sure to put the date after which the item will no longer be useful. Do not put "ASAP".
6. Indicate what costs you are willing to pay for receipt of the material. You must pay all costs agreed upon whether or not the material obtained is satisfactory.