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Rules and Regulations for Conduct in the LRC

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is an area for study and research. Everyone is expected to respect the rights and privileges of others at all times. All guidelines for LRC computer usage must be followed. (Please see the Computer Usage Guidelines).

The LRC prohibits the following:
• Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the LRC. (Public Access on College Property Administrative Procedure, 12/1/2011)
• The LRC is not responsible for personal items left unattended.
• Any use of alcohol or tobacco, as are any overt signs of substance abuse.
• Selling or soliciting.
• Sleeping.
• Extended public displays of affection.
• Not wearing shoes or shirt.
• Weapons of any type.
• Neglect of personal hygiene to the point where it is offensive and constitutes a nuisance to patrons.
• Bringing animals into the LRC except for special service animals
• Passing petitions to LRC patrons, conducting unauthorized surveys, distributing pamphlets or other materials directly to LRC patrons or staff.
• Posting materials anywhere in the LRC without the permission of LRC staff.
• Causing loud or unreasonable noise - including using audible radios, walkmans, or other sound generating equipment.
• Using cell phones. All calls must be taken or sent outside of the LRC.
• Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing LRC property, a patron’s property, or an employee’s property.
• Removing materials from the LRC without authorization or through established lending procedures.
• Engaging in disorderly or violent conduct of any kind and using obscene or offensive language.
• Interfering with the staff’s performance of its duties. This includes engaging in inappropriate conversation or behavior, sexual advances, or physical and/or verbal harassment.
• Engaging in any other illegal activity or conduct in violation of Federal, State, local, or Campus law, ordinance or regulation.

LRC staff reserves the right to inspect purses, briefcases, backpacks or packages.

LRC staff reserves all rights in determining if any of the above restrictions have been violated, or if any other disruptive behavior not specified has occurred.

Failure to comply with the LRC’s established rules and guidelines may result in temporary exclusion, permanent exclusion, or arrest.

Any questions or clarification of these regulations please contact the Director of Libraries.