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Showcase Symposium Entry Form

  • Presentations times and locations:

    • New Martinsville Library: Tuesday, April 30, 11:30am - 12:30pm
    • Weirton Library: Wednesday, May 1, 11:30am - 1:30pm
    • Wheeling Library: Friday, May 3, 11:30am - 1:30pm

    Family and friends are invited to attend. 

    Presenters should arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the event and plan on staying the entire time.  

    Professional attire is preferred - nice pants or skirt, dress shirt, no t-shirts.  If you need assistance, getting some appropriate dress clothes for the event contact Dr. Kalb at

    • The size of the title should be 200 characters or less.
    • Capitalize all nouns and verbs
      • Example: Changes in the Heart Rate in Response to the Body Position

  • Presenting Author(s):

    • The presenting author must confirm that the instructor or supervisor involved, and all co-authors are familiar with the work and approved it for the submission.  
    • List name of presenting author, then any additional authors
    • List as last name, first initial - for example:
      • Name of Presenting Author: Hinton, S.
      • Additional Authors if Applicable: Curtis, P., Cade, J., Winston, D., & Mathews, K.

  • Presentation Information:

  • Choose type of presentation to allow the organizers to know what should be prepared to accommodate the needs of the presenters.  


  • Type of Presentation: *


    • It is assumed that a poster stand is needed for a poster (the standard poster size is 30”x30”)
    • A computer with a monitor is needed for a video recording (10 min or less)
    • Table is needed for a demonstration (30”x30” footprint)

  • Campus You Will Be Presenting: *

  • Additional directions will be sent for uploading videos.

  • The abstract will be included in the published material of the symposium, but the abstract submission is optional. Each abstract will be reviewed before the publication.

* = Required