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WVNCC Launches New Welding Program for Brooke High School Students

Posted 06/05/18

WHEELING, W.VA – Starting in the fall, West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) will be offering Brooke High School juniors an opportunity to take welding courses while in high school and graduate with an Associate Degree in Applied Science by the time they finish their senior year in high school.

Brooke students will be able to take the classes during the last 90 minutes of the school day and only two of the welding courses will have to be taken in the summer between the student’s junior and senior year in high school. The welding courses will be at the welding labs at Brooke High School.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Brooke students to get the education and training they need from college courses while in high school,” commented WVNCC President, Dr. Vicki Riley. “We are excited to partner with Brooke High School and work with their students to meet the needs of our region in this growing industry.”

Students in the WVNCC welding program will weld plate and pipe in various processes in all positions to American Welding Society standards. All technical courses in the program provide extensive hands-on experiences. Students will have a broad based foundation in welding that includes shielded metal arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding and metal inert gas welding. Safety, selection of proper equipment, selection of appropriate filler materials, and proper weld techniques are stressed throughout the curriculum. In addition, students will be trained in reading prints with welding symbols and will have a basic understanding of metallurgy and layout and fabrication.

“This new program allows Brooke High School students the exposure to our first rate welding program,” added WVNCC Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development, Larry Tackett. “Upon graduation, students will be equipped with advanced welding skills and qualified candidates for a career as a welder.”

Brooke High School students interested in the program can inquire at Brooke High School.