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WVNCC Students Tour Construction Site

Posted 11/08/12

West Virginia Northern Community College Program Director Joseph M. Remias, at left, oversees a tour of the construction site of the college’s Applied Technology Center in downtown Wheeling. Remias and James Baller, WVNCC director of facilities, second from left, led a group of nine students on an informational field trip as part of their course work in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Technology, Industrial Maintenance Technology and/or Appliance Repair. Students shown, from left, are Justin C. Caprita, Mark L. Latimer and Thomas R. Leach.Construction of the new Applied Technology Center at West Virginia Northern Community College in downtown Wheeling has provided a unique classroom experience for a group of current students.

Joseph M. Remias, program director/instructor, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Technology, Industrial Maintenance Technology and Appliance Repair, is scheduled to occupy part of the center when the new building is opened sometime early next year. He says he’s excited about that but also wanted some of his students to have the opportunity to see an actual construction site.

“Students were able to see plumbing items such as No-Hub Band Couplings, Back Flow Preventers, Floor Drain refill valves, Fan Power VAV Boxes, Survey Instruments,” Remias explained. “Although these items are shown and talked about in the classroom, the field trip allowed students to see the actual installation.”

Remias said, along with the practical reasons, the students also “were able to see what the new classroom and lab will be like and how it is coming along. The students returning next fall are excited to be able to work in the new refrigeration lab and to use the new refrigeration trainers that cost $315,000.”

The group also toured the new large welding section which will have eight new state-of-the-art welders and exhaust system, Remias added, saying, “This will be quite an improvement over the four-section welding station being used now.

“I showed and explained to the students that the new lab ceiling will be all opened---no suspended ceiling. This will allow them to practice installing electrical conduit, water pipes and natural gas pipes for the purpose of installing the many types of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical and plumbing equipment on the market,” he said.

In addition, the instructor discussed with the students the new electrical panels they will be using to practice connecting electrical wiring, both commercial and residential.

“These new improvements will give the students the opportunity to learn the newest and latest changes in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical and plumbing trade,” Remias said, adding, “Thus WVNCC’s graduate students will be employable.”

Students attending the field trip were Thomas A. Bukosky, Justin C. Caprita, Frankie L. Kins, William A. Morris, Cole D. Grimm, Mark L. Latimer, Thomas R. Leach, Gregory F. Romanyak and Gregory A. Snyder.