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Student Government Association (SGA)


The West Virginia Northern Community College Student Government Association provides unique opportunities for students to build relationships, enhance leadership skills, become civically engaged, and maximize their college experiences. All aspects of the Student Government Association are advised and supported by the Office of Student Activities.

The specific functions of the Student Government Association are:

  • to plan, promote and execute student activities, to stimulate student involvement with the college, and to recognize and assist other student groups
  • to represent all students, and the college in the state level and in community service activities
  • to select students for college standing committees, to make comments on issues, express student opinions on policies, and to initiate college wide discussion on student issues
  • to organize and assist individual Campus Activities Boards

Duties of the Student Government Association Executive Board

  • to provide representation for the exchange of the student views on the issues of education and student life with the college administration
  • to encourage awareness of student rights and responsibilities
  • to encourage responsible suggestions from students in the policy and decision making process of education and student life and refer these to the college administration
  • to consider any proposal made by a student at regular meetings and to forward such to the proper administrative authorities
  • to review concerns of individuals and student organizations and refer them to the entire SGA for deliberation or to the appropriate college administrators
  • to meet at the discretion of the SGA President when special events dictate the necessity of a special meeting

2020-2021 SGA Senator and Executive Board

President Leah Hart

Vice President Alexie Stratus

Recording Secretary Madison Lancaster

Financial Secretary Cameron Johnson

Board of Governors Carissa Robinson

State Advisory Council of Student Representative Christopher Stoffel

Weirton Senators Leah Heart, Alexie Stratus, Cameron Johnson

Wheeling Senators Melinda Rausbenburg, Madison Lancaster

New Martinsville Senators Vacant




Membership of the Student Government Association includes all students regularly enrolled at West Virginia Northern Community College. Voting representatives of this group consists of at least nine senators, one student representative to the Board of Governors, and one representative to the State Advisory Council of Students. Of these nine senators, at least four will come from Wheeling, three from New Martinsville, and three from Weirton. Each campus will receive one additional senator per one hundred full time equivalents (FTE).

SGA representatives must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and must maintain enrollment of no less than six credit hours on the campus from which the member was elected.  When program requirements mandate that the student attend another campus, resulting in the hours being split between two or more campuses, the student must declare a home campus.  A home campus may be declared by submitting a letter to the Director of Student Activities. In order to be eligible a student cannot have any prior violations of the student code of conduct.


The SGA meetings are held once a month at Noon in the Wheeling TEAL Lab and Weirton & New Martinsville SGA Offices. All meetings are open to the student body, faculty, staff, and administration.

The student body of each campus shall elect their respective senators. The combined student body of all three campuses shall elect the Board of Governors Representative and the Representative to the Advisory Council of Students. Officers of the SGA will be elected by all current senators.


Elections will be held the third or fourth week of April.  The exact date and time will be set by the SGA in consultation with the Director of Student Activities. A term runs from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.

All students wishing to run for election need to include the SGA application and three references.

The student body of each campus elects its respective senators.  The combined student body of all three campuses elects the Board of Governors Representative and the Representative to the Advisory Council of Students.  The Executive Board of the SGA will be elected by all current senators.

Interested in Joining?

Contact SGA & CAB Advisors:

Tri-Campus SGA & CAB
Regan Blaha

304.214.8917 | 

Regan Blaha - Wheeling Campus
304.214.8917 | 

Lisa Soly - Weirton Campus Counselor
304.723.7515 |

Ina Robinson - NM Campus Counselor
304-510-8769 |