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Course Evaluation Help & Info

Student Course Evaluation FAQs

The Institutional Research department is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the instructional course evaluations. In an attempt to inform the students of any changes or decisions that were made that were a direct correlation to these surveys, the Institutional Research department has implemented the  “You Spoke…We Listened”   campaign and website.

In order to assist students with the course evaluation process we have developed the following facts.


Student Course Evaluation FAQ Section:

How do I log in to take the survey?

To take your course evaluations simply log into your student portal and click the CoursEval button. You will be signed in and will be able to see all your available surveys.

Why should I take the course evaluations?

WV Northern community College values student opinions and we utilize the data and information gathered in these surveys to guides us as we make institutional decisions.

I click the CoursEval button but I can't get into CoursEval.

If you are having issues logging into CoursEval, please contact to be assisted.

Are course evaluation results confidential?

Yes! Evaluations cannot be connected to the person who submitted the responses.

Will my instructor see the results of the surveys prior to submitting grades?

No. Survey data is made available to instructors only after final grades have been submitted and even then the instructors have no way of connecting you to your survey.

I do not see an evaluation for all my courses. Why?

When you register for a course, this information is loaded into the evaluation system. These data loads take place approximately 1 week prior to the course evaluation period. If you (for some reason) are not listed as registered at this time, you may not have an evaluation for that course.

Please also check NOW to confirm your registration in the course. If you are confident you are registered please contact using your northern email.

I want to complete an evaluation but the link is no longer there. What can I do now?

If you no longer see a link to complete your evaluation, then the allowed window has passed and you will no longer be able to submit an online evaluation. This is necessary to ensure proper scheduling and ensure that no evaluation is open during periods of grading.

If you would still like to offer feedback, one possible alternative is to contact your instructor to see if he or she will accept feedback using an alternative method. If you opt for this option, the Institutional Research department is not able to ensure confidentiality.