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You Spoke We Listened

                  You Spoke...We Listened



The You Spoke, We Listened campaign was started by the Director of Institutional Research as an effort to make you as students aware that we at WVNCC value and utilize your opinions and suggestions.  Below are a number of examples to show just this...





Last Updated January 10, 2013



WV Northern would like to thank all those First Time students who took the time to participate in our First Time Student Survey. The information gathered from this has been extremely beneficial to us as we continually evaluate our processes….Please continue to Let Your Voice Be Heard and help us help you by completing the various surveys you are presented with during your time here.


Click HERE to view the results of this survey (and many more)



THE RESULTS ARE IN...and soon you will be seeing the slogan YOU CHOSE.  


Recently we asked that you help us choose our new Tobacco & Smoke Free slogan...................and the winner is:


    Breathe Easy: Our campus is Tobacco & Smoke Free


509 students responded. Over 70% chose this slogan.              


Thank you for helping us make this decision and remember...Make your voice heard.  


Your Opinion Counts!



Annual Student Survey Results


The Institutional Research Office is charged with the administration and coordination of all student surveys, focus groups and student summits. In order to gain valuable data on the opinions of our student's experiences and engagement, we ask our students to take a number of surveys including the Annual Fall Satisfaction Survey and the Student Self Study Survey. We have also facilitated the Student Success Summit in coordination with the Department of Academic Student Support Services.  


Fall Satisfaction Surveys:


What were the results?


          Fall 2011 Satisfaction Survey Summary


          Fall 2011 Satisfaction Survey Complete Results


What did Northern do with the results?


As a result of these surveys and summits, we are able to look further into what our students needs are.  We have used this data to assist us in making our adminstrative decisions that surround items such as instruction, student services and individual department assessment.


Click the image below to see specific examples that were because of you.


You spoke we listented



































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