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A.S. Concentration: Engineering & Construction Management Transfer to WU

A.S. Concentration: Engineering & Construction Management
Transfer to Wheeling University
Associate in Science Degree
Transfer to Wheeling University

This transfer program is designed for students who expect to complete a degree at Wheeling University in either engineering or construction management. Students should consult with their advisor regarding requirements of WVNCC and WU to transfer. This program provides a pathway for completing a Certificate in Construction Management and BS in Engineering Science.

For students selecting the engineering track, the engineering courses are required. From Wheeling University program description: The engineering science program provides a rigorous and challenging curriculum which prepares students for successful careers in engineering. Within a few years of graduation our graduates are expected to be successful professionals in diverse engineering fields or engaged in graduate study; to pursue lifelong learning; to assume increasing levels of responsibility on technical or managerial projects within their work organizations; to use their knowledge and skills in service to their professions and communities; and to draw upon their Catholic educational experience to serve the needs of humankind.

For student selecting the construction track, the engineering and construction management courses are required for this option. Construction Management prepares students currently working in and or wishing to enter the Construction Management industry. Job opportunities as residential builders and contractors; trade contractors, in civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, and plumbing firms or other companies, government agencies, and organizations involved in the construction of the built environment are possible with attainment of the certificate.

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