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Computer Information Technology Courses at WVNCC

Our Computer Information Technology (CIT) programs offer versatile pathways to lucrative careers in today's digital landscape.

Whether you're pursuing a certificate or a degree, our comprehensive online courses provide the flexibility you need to succeed. From A+ Computer Repair and Cyber Security to Computer Information Technology with a focus on Cyber Support and Microsoft Applications, our curriculum equips students with the latest skills demanded by industry.

Graduates of our CIT programs find themselves in high demand, with job opportunities spanning various sectors such as IT consulting firms, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions. With the ever-growing reliance on technology, the job market for CIT professionals continues to expand, offering promising prospects for those with the right qualifications and expertise.

Embark on a rewarding career in the dynamic field of Computer Information Technology!

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You can earn up to eight certifications by completing just one of our programs!