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Joint Technical Programs, A.A.S.

Joint Technical Programs—Technical Education and Training Partnership Programs

To better serve the technical education needs of the region, West Virginia Northern Community College and the six county school systems of the Northern Panhandle have joined together to form the Northern Panhandle Technical Education and Training Partnership. Through this partnership, a number of joint Associate in Applied Science programs are offered. These programs combine technical courses available through the school systems with support courses and advanced courses at the College.

A list of the programs and the counties participating in each program is detailed on the following page. New programs are being added to the agreement so interested persons should check with the College or the local high school for the most current list. Interested high school students should check with their high school counselors regarding enrollment information. Many of the programs permit post secondary students to enroll so adult students should check with College counselors about program availability and admissions procedures. The subsequent table outlines course requirements for each program.

Programs Brooke County Hancock County Marshall County Ohio County Tyler County Wetzel County
Automotive Technology X X X X X  
Aviation Maintenance Technology    X        
Building Construction Technology X X X X X X
Cisco/WVNCC CIT Program   X X     X
Collision Repair Technology X X X X X  
Electronics Technology X X   X X  
Welding Technology X X  X X X  

WVNCC Courses Automotive Technology Aviation Maintenance Technology Building Construction Technology Collision Repair Technology Electronics Technology Welding Technology
General Education Core          



ENG 101 X X X X X X
ENG 115 or SPCH 105 X X X X X X
PSYC 155 X X X X X X
SS 101 X X X X X X
MATH 102 X X X X X X
PHYS 115 X X X X X X
CIT 117 X X X X X X
Technical Core          



MGT 253 X X X X X X
MTEC 161 X     X    
MTEC 103 or MTEC 110      X     X
MATH 103          X  
MATH 104         X  
MTEC 161 or MTEC 103            
Business elective (see list below)  X X X X X
Business elective (see list below)  X   X  X   X


Technical Specialty

Each program has required technical courses which are offered at the technical center or high school. Lists of these courses are available from counselors at the College or the high school.

Restricted Business Electives: ACC 122, ACC 123, BA 240, MKT 230, MGT 250

For more information contact Larry Tackett at 304-214-8967 or