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Psychology 2+2 (Transfer to WU), A.A.

Psychology 2+2
Associate in Arts
Transfer to Wheeling University

Students successfully completing and receiving an A.A. degree under the 2+2 agreement with WU Psychology should be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the history of the field of psychology and the evolution of its various delivery systems
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts, theories, and strategies used in psychology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major theories of psychology and human development
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the issues related to the ethical standards of the psychology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how social, cultural, family, and individual factors influence
    needs and affect the delivery of psychological services
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge and skills related to general education curriculum
    requirements for the 2+2 Associate in Arts degree
  • Utilize critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrate a readiness to enter a bachelor degree program with appropriate commitment
    to attendance, initiative, organization, and interest in the profession

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