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Quality Matters

QM LogoWVNCC is committed to providing students with quality online courses and is a proud affiliate of Quality Matters. All WVNCC courses undergo a rigorous, internal peer review process. Courses are developed around standards for online course design and implementation, including ease of navigation, learning objectives, course activities and learner interaction, assessments, learner support, and accessibility.

The following courses have completed the internal review process and met the Quality Matters standards.

ACC122 Principles of Accounting I
ACC123 Principles of Accounting II
ACC205 Cost and Managerial Accounting
ACC222 Computerized Accounting
ACC224 Intermediate Accounting I
AHS102 Electronic Health Records
AHS103 Medical Terminology
AHS108 Disease Process Applications
AHS110 Medical Legal/Ethical Issues
APT100 Introduction to Applied Technology
ART150 Art Appreciation
ASTR125 Introduction to Astronomy
BA240 Business Law I
BIO114 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO115 Anatomy/Physiology II
CHEM108 General Chemistry I
CHEM109 General Chemistry II
CIT101 Introduction to Cyber Security
CIT105 Operating Systems
CIT107 Excel
CIT112 Access
CIT117 Microsoft Applications
CIT120 Microsoft Word
CIT237 Advanced Database Programming
CIT250 IT Analysis/Design/Career Prep
CRJ104 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ201 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ205 Case Studies and Readings in Criminal Justice
CRJ209 Criminal Identification and Investigation
CRJ225 Terrorism and Homeland Security
CRJ245 Introduction to Juvenile Justice System
CRJ246 Probation and Parole
CRJ251 Problems in Criminal Justice
ECCE100 Foundations of Education
ECCE220 Language and Literacy
ECON104 Macroeconomics
ECON105 Microeconomics
ENG101 College Composition I
ENG102 College Composition II
ENG210 English Literature Through the Eighteenth Century
GSC100 Science in the Contemporary World
HS200 Social Welfare Institutions
MAS125 Basic Diagnostic and Procedural Coding
MAS153 Medical Insurance and Reimbursement Methodologies
MATH108 College Algebra
MATH210 Introduction to Statistics
MKT230 Principles of Marketing
MUS105 Music Appreciation
ORNT090 First Year Seminar
PHIL200 Introduction to Philosophy
PSYC105 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC155 Human Relations
PSYC208 Developmental Psychology
PSYC210 Child Development
PSYC218 Exceptional Children
SOC125 Introduction to Sociology
SPCH101 Interpersonal Communication
SPCH105 Fundamentals of Speech Communications