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EDGE/Tech Prep

What is EDGE?  It stands for Earn a Degree-Graduate Early and it allows students to take high school courses for community and technical college credit. Goals of the West Viriginia EDGE initiative are to provide an opportunity for all students to establish a college transcript while in high school, to increase the number of students attending community and technical colleges, and to establish a pathway that allows students to obtain an Associate's Degree in a shortened amount of time after high school with as little duplication of classes as possible.  

How will EDGE help me? By successfully completing EDGE courses, students can establish a college transcript and are able to get a jump on an Associate's Degree while still attending high school. Students can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in college tuition and graduate earlier.

Who can participate in EDGE? Any WV high school student can participate. While in high school, students need to enroll in an EDGE eligible high school course(s) and pass the course(s) with an A, B, or C grade (some individual courses also have certification/exam requirements). EDGE courses are generally in the Career and Technical pathways.

How do I receive college credit at WV Northern for these EDGE courses? In addition to completing EDGE courses with a grade of an A, B, or C, students also need to complete at least one college course at WV Northern with a passing grade of an A, B, or C. This includes attending as an Early Entrance, full/part time, or Transient student. Additionally, students can earn EDGE credits by taking and passing College 101 if offered at their high school. Students then need to complete an EDGE Transcript Request Form.

How do I request a college transcript for EDGE coursework? Students who plan to attend WV Northern do not need to request an offical transcript. They just need to complete the EDGE Transcript Request Form.  For those attending a different college or for those who want a transcript for their records, students need to fill out WV Northern's Transcript Request Form and specify where the offical transcript should be sent. This form can be found under our Record's page.

Where can I find out more about EDGE? You can click on the forms listed in the column on the left of this page and review current EDGE Course Offerings and the EDGE Transcript Request Form. Additionally, the WV Department of Education has a website that not only includes EDGE related material but also shares a wealth of information on Career and Technical programs in the high schools. Visit their website at Career Tech WV - West Virginia Department of Education (

Who do I contact if I have more questions? For questions, concerns, or comments, please contact WV Northern's Registrar's office at

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Transcript Request EDGE (PDF)
EDGE Course Offerings 2017-2018 (PDF)
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