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Tuition and Financial Aid Credit Refunds

Only in cases where the College cancels class or a student withdraws prior to the first day of the semester, or prior to the first day of class for classes beginning later in the semester, will full tuition be refunded. Refunds are automatically computed only for students who totally and officially withdraw from all courses during the refund period.

For students who totally withdraw during teh fall and spring term (excluding administrative withdrawals), a percentage of total tuition charges, will be refunded following the schedule below. Fees are not refundable. If a student has been making payments according to a payment plan, the refund percentage is based on the full amount of tuition originally owed at the beginning of the semester.

Classes cancelled by the College 100% refund
Prior to the first day of the semester 100% refund
Week One & Two 90% refund
Week Three & Four 75% refund
Week Five & Six 50% refund
After Week Six No refund

A refund schedule for summer sessions and nontraditional periods shall be determined by the College's Business Office based upon the refund rate for the academic year and will be calculated using the following schedule:

  • Prior to the first day of the term: 100% refund
  • During the first 10% of the term: 90% refund
  • From 14% to 25% of the term: 75% refund
  • From 26% to 38% of the term: 50% refund
  • After 38% of the term is completed: No refund

In doing the calculation, should the percentage calculation identify a partial day, the entire day will be included in the higher refund period.

Fees are refunded only if classes are dropped during the 100 percent refund period.

Students participating in federal financial aid programs will have their aid adjusted according to the federal Return of Funds policy. See "Federal Return of Funds Policy" in the current college catalog.

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