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Students registering for classes at West Virginia Northern Community College will be subject to tuition and fee schedule on the "Schedule of Tuition" page.

The College policy requires either tuition be paid prior to the beginning of each semester and term, or a payment plan be in place between the College and student.

Any unpaid balances will be pursued for payment to the fullest extent in accordance with state and federal law and according to College procedures. WVNCC will submit any information to a collection agency if financial obligations to the College are not met. The student will be responsible for any collection costs or legal fees associated with the delinquent students WVNCC account for any third-party collection or legal efforts.

Students registering on or after the last day for early registration, including those students adding classes, must make payment arrangements at the time of registration. The class schedule will list the deadline and specific amounts. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or through a College-approved payment plan.

Students who have a bona fide third party agency paying their tuition or who participate in the Academic Management Services Monthly Payment Plan will not be required to pay tuition at the time of registration provided there is written authorization in the College's Business Office that payment will be made to West Virginia Northern.

Students registering in the 6th through the 10th day of classes must obtain permission from course instructors in writing-- either using a late registration card from the Service Center, or through correspondence via WVNCC email accounts.

The College may withhold designated services, including evaluation of courses to be transferred from other colleges and/or universities, registration for additional courses, grade reports, evaluation of credit toward degree programs, official transcripts of credits earned at West Virginia Northern and awarding of the diploma indicating degree or certificate attainment, for students who have outstanding tuition or fee obligations to the Business Office, financial obligations to other departments of the College or who have defaulted on any educational loans.