West Virginia Northern Community College


Draft Minutes, Faculty Assembly, 7 October 2011

Faculty Assembly Minutes
October 7, 2011

Present: T. Aftanas, S. Beck, S. Buerdsell, R. Berry D. Cresap, C. Dale, M. Deichler, C. Eastham, E. Evans, B. Fulton, M. Goldstein, M. Grubor, R. Guy, D. Hans, C. Harbert, L. Ingram, M. Kahl, J. Keyser, A. Kuca, R. Malek, M. Marlin, C. Morris, B. Peterman, J. Reho, J. Remias, C. Riter, S. Rychlicki, L. Shelek, M. Stephens, D. Stoffel, C. Stokes, M. Watson, G. Winland, M. Wycherley, D. Yadrick

Presiding: Delilah Ryan

Meeting was called to order in room 312 at 2 pm


Motion: Approval of Minutes from August 2011
C. Morris / M. Watson
Motion Passed

Committee Reports:

Assessment: No meeting. The next will be in October.

Curriculum: Met once so far this fall.
D. Cresap reported:
• discussed series 11 and how to change hours to meet the new requirements
• general education discussion regarding math now required in certificate programs. Looked at possible options. The class had to be transcripted as math. Math faculty were willing to create a new course.
• computer literacy – question regarding where does falls under transitional requirements
- general faculty discussion concerning possible program changes

Distance Education:
D. Ryan report for P. Sharma:
• Request that faculty review two documents concerning how to evaluate internet based classes. Generated by V.P. of Academic Affairs.
• Minutes from previous meeting were read.
• Transitioning to new version of Blackboard, piloting new courses in the spring.
• Full time to adjunct ratio - 70-80% being taught by adjunct. Riley indicated that a review of faculty load could happen.
• Concerns should be sent to P. Sharma, she can take to Distance Ed. Committee

Motion: Approval of distance education document.
• add “by any means” to R. Guy’s statement on harassment
• discussion of who is involved in evaluation - K. Patterson, Division Chair, problems to VPAA
• same form used for online classes delivered through any means

M. Grubor / D. Cresap
Motion passed

Enrollments Management: No meeting.

M. Goldstein reported:
• discussed agenda items for 2011-2012
• Reminder: Great Teachers, a 3 ½ day conference in June 2012. It is the 20th anniversary and this may be the last year.

Motion: Accept and endorse ACF issues so they can be advocated for in the WV Legislature, and the CCTC and HEPC
M. Goldstein / J. Remias
Motion Approved


Board of Governors:
R. Berry reported:
• The Weirton project is moving along nicely
• Honda/Hundai building has been purchased; expansion plans are in the works

Institutional Technology
D. Ryan noted the message sent via email
• sent out charter
• discussion of inability to find forms/information on new website
• D. Stoffel wanted to thank institutional technology support. He and other faculty are pleased with the effort to make changes.
• A general offering of thanks to Hilary Curto for immediate response to website problems.
• internet changes are done
• New Martinsville phones are being worked on and should be fixed today
• send any concerns about problems with the websites to D. Ryan - she will take them to S. Lippiello / R. DeFrancis
• M. Watson wanted to thank Dave Hanes for good work - seconded by many
- C. Cornforth (via email message) brought forth a concern about safety regarding the sidewalk by the Clinic parking lot. More detail needed.

LRC: No meeting.

General Education

L. Ingram reported:
• merit forms not on new website - email P. Carmichael directly

Budget Committee: No meeting.
• Discussion regarding need to nominate an interim member. After a call for volunteers, D. Ryan volunteers. M. Watson calls for vote – and D. Ryan is approved as interim member.

Promotion Committee:
• discussion regarding increase of salary

FERC: No meeting

Textbook Affordability: No meeting

C. Stokes reported the creation of a new committee on advising issues to be called Advising Committee. The first meeting will be Friday October 14.


Old Business:

Testing Center Response - V. Riley replied that they’re looking into it

Advisees who are graduating – V. Riley responded that information goes through Division Chairs


Executive Committee – D. Folger’s term needs to be filled. C. Harbert volunteered.

Motion: C. Harbert will complete D. Folger’s term.
S. Rychlicki / M. Goldstein
Motion Approved

Phi Theta Kappa - October 28 - Fall Induction

Motion to Adjourn
B. Peterman / J. Remias
Motion Approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Crystal Harbert


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