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2024-2025 Financial Aid Application

  • To avoid delay of your financial aid award, it is important to read and complete all questions and sign below.

  • In order to be financial aid eligible, you are REQUIRED to submit official transcripts of all prior accredited institutions that you have attended to WVNCC. If you have previously submitted all official transcripts you do not have to make any additional submissions.

    List all colleges, technical schools, universities, etc., other than West Virginia Northern Community College that you have attended.

  • Have you attended any colleges, other than WVNCC (all campuses), since January 1, 2021: *

  • Institutional Housing Plans: *

  • By entering my full name below understand I am planning on using my financial aid at West Virginia Northern and based on submission of this signed form and registration in classes, I am incurring a financial obligation to West Virginia Northern. I certify that all the information provided in this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. If I purposely give false or misleading information, I may be subject to disciplinary action as stated in WVNCC’s Student Code of Conduct Rule. I also understand that I must regularly check my WVNCC e-mail address; time-sensitive correspondence from the Financial Aid Office will be sent here.

  • Please read the fifteen (15) points below and then click I agree to show you have read and will abide by these requirements. 

    Financial Aid Understandings

    I am aware that the financial assistance offered to me is subject to the following conditions and certifications:

    1. I will report any additional aid awarded including but not limited to Scholarships, Veteran’s benefits, Workers Compensation, Vocational Rehabilitation, TAA or WIA funding to the Financial Aid Office immediately upon notification of the aid award.
    2. I understand that any aid that has been offered to me is contingent upon receipt of funds and that the type and amount of aid may be changed based upon the availability of funds.
    3. If I totally withdraw from classes, do not complete a full-term course during a semester, or do not attend to the end of my class and earn a failing grade, I may be subject to the Federal Return of Title IV Funds policy as outlined in the College Catalog.
    4. I understand that my financial aid will be canceled if I violate any federal, state or local laws.
    5. I understand that this award is offered on the assumption that all pertinent facts have been disclosed. Failure to do this will result in cancellation of the award. NOTE: If this occurs, you may be responsible for repayment of any funds disbursed and payment for any tuition, fees, books, etc.
    6. I understand if I use a financial aid book voucher to purchase my books and supplies, I agree to adhere to the policies of WVNCC and the Akademos Bookstore.
    7. I understand that I must be pursuing a Certificate or Associate Degree in order to obtain funds and only classes which can be applied to my degree requirements are eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid. Test Outs or Continuing Education Classes are not Federal Financial Aid eligible.
    8. I agree to meet the College’s Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to receive aid. If previously enrolled, I certify that I have met the College’s Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines:
      1. I must maintain an OVERALL cumulative GPA of 2.0,
      2. I must have a successful completion rate of 67% or more of all attempted hours (Pace), and
      3. I must complete my degree within 150% of hours required to graduate (Maximum time-frame)

        If I do not meet WVNCC’s SAP policy, I will be given one Warning. After one Warning, if I do not meet SAP again, I will not be eligible for financial aid unless I submit an appeal and it is approved. If approved, I will be placed on Probation (and may have to complete an academic plan). If denied, I will have to Pay for my classes on my Own until meeting SAP requirements again. (See Appeal form for additional appeal guidelines).

        ** Institutional Standards of Academic Progress is separate and may have its own requirements and notification.
    9. I can only attempt a maximum of 30 hours of developmental courses under financial aid.
    10. I can repeat courses once to possibly attain a higher OVERALL (cumulative) GPA. However, repeating courses may affect my ability to meet pace and maximum time-frame requirements as described above in #8. **Specific programs (such as the Nursing Program) may require students to maintain higher GPAs than the minimum required for SAP. Under federal guidelines, a “D” is considered passing regardless of your program requirements.
    11. If I am issued an Incomplete, I understand that it will be included in hours attempted and used in the pace and maximum time-frame requirements.
    12. I acknowledge that funds are distributed through the College’s Business Office. Any outstanding charges on my student account must be paid before I am issued a refund. All refunds are issued through my Bank Mobile Account.
    13. I further understand that the College’s policies on awarding financial aid and administering the aid programs are included in the West Virginia Northern Community College Catalog.
    14. If applicable, I must be registered with Selective Service.
    15. I certify that I am not in default on any educational loan and/or owe a refund on any Title IV aid.

  • Deadlines and Notification:
    Applicants filing the FAFSA prior to March 1 will be given priority for the awarding of campus-based funds, i.e. Work-Study, Institutional Scholarships and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG). Late applicants will be awarded according to the availability of funds and date received.

    NOTE: Because Federal Title IV aid will only pay for time spent in class, it will not pay for test outs, challenge exams, continuing education classes, or non-degree students. Classes not required for your degree completion also are not eligible for financial aid assistance. Students are expected to pay for these costs.

  • Please click to confirm you have read the fifteen (15) points you will abide by these requirements: *

* = Required