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Admissions Office

Gateway to your future.

Welcome to Northern Community College's Admissions Office.  Thank you for including Northern in your future. These pages explain the steps necessary to begin your journey toward a successful career with a great future as a Northern graduate.

Admissions Policies

West Virginia Northern Community College is an open door college admitting students regardless of academic background.  Some Allied Health programs are limited enrollment with specific entrance requirements.  The College recognizes that students may take courses to gain employment skills while others seek to transfer to four-year institutions.  Others take courses as Early Entrance high school students or as Transient students while enrolled at other colleges.

Separate applications are available for general admission, Career Development, Community Education, and Early Entrance/Home-Schooled students (see Applications page).  General admission students must select a Program of Study at the time of application.  A separate application for admission into a Allied Health program is required in addition to the general application for degree-seeking students (see Allied Health Selection and Admission below).

In addition to the application, the following is required for admission to WVNCC

  • A transcript of high school grades or GED™/TASC scores.  Transcripts must be sent directly from the high school.  Note: Applicants who have graduated from high school or passed their GED™/TASC more than five years prior to admission and/or have earned 30 or more semester hours of credit at a regionally accredited institution do not have to submit a high school transcript or GED™/TASC scores for general admission.
  • Transfer students must provide an official transcript from each American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) accredited institution.  Transcripts cannot be older than 120 days. Transcripts must be in original sealed envelope or be sent electronically by the institution. Transfer students who were dismissed from other colleges for disciplinary purposes are required to undergo review to determine if they will be admitted.
  • Early Entrance students (those taking college classes while still enrolled in high school) must submit permission of high school officials and parent/guardian as indicated by their signatures on the Early Entrance application.
  • Transient students (currently enrolled at other institutions and taking WVNCC classes to transfer back) must provide a letter from their home institution's Registrar granting permission to take specific courses at Northern.
  • Foreign national or international students are admitted as full-time students only. They must demonstrate a satisfactory command of the English language, provide evidence of sufficient support funds, and meet standard expectations of the U.S. Immigration Office to obtain a visa through WVNCC.
  • Returning students who have not enrolled for more than one year as well as students who have already graduated from WVNCC must submit a new application for admission.
  • Students looking to take an individual course or courses without selecting a major may do so as Personal Interest (non-degree) students. Personal Interest students are not eligible to use Financial Aid and must meet the pre- and co-requisites of any courses they wish to take by submitting placement test scores and/or official transcripts.
  • Home-schooled students may be required to submit written verification of subject mastery.
  • Male applicants ages 18-26 are required to comply with the Military Selective Service Act.  See for additional information.

Student placement skills information is required for all admitted general admission students in order to determine academic preparation for course placement and program entry.  This assessment should be completed prior to enrollment and entry into specific courses and programs.  Placement skills information may include the following:

  • Official transcripts from an AACRAO accredited institution showing completion of a college level mathematics and/or English course.
  • ACT or SAT scores.
  • Freshman placement test scores.  See Placement Testing page for more details.

Accessibility Services

West Virginia Northern Community College is committed to assuring that students with disabilities are afforded the same opportunities and the same responsibilities as all other students. Given legal mandates under the ADA, postsecondary institutions must make reasonable accommodations in order to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in courses, programs, and activities. Learn more and complete the Voluntary Disability Disclosure Form.

Allied Health Selection and Admission

Some Allied Health programs have limited enrollment and a selective review process.  Applicants must meet all general admission criteria for the College, complete a separate Allied Health Application Radiography & Surgical Technology or Allied Health 1+1 Application HIT and Medical Assisting or Nursing application (including application fee), and provide official copies of their high school transcript and any prior college transcripts. See individual program pages under Healthcare for selection criteria and deadlines. Early application is recommended. 

Student Right-to-Know

In accordance with the Federal Student Right-to-Know regulations, all potential students may review the graduation rates for West Virginia Northern Community College, which are published in the West Virginia Higher Education Report Card. The Report Card is available for review at each campus Learning Resource Center and Regional Campus Dean Office, in the library at any of the public colleges and universities, or at public libraries throughout West Virginia.

Safety Information

West Virginia Northern Community College provides information on the incidence of crime on the College's three campuses. This information is available in the West Virginia Higher Education Report Card. Additionally, the College publishes crime statistics and assistance resources in each semester schedule. The schedule is available at the Admissions and Registration area of each regional campus.

Student Grievance Reporting Process

Initially, a student should pursue any concern about West Virginia Northern Community College
(WVNCC) through the Student Grievance Process that WVNCC provides. Most complaints can
be resolved at the college level. For information or questions about this procedure, contact the
Vice President of Student Care and Success, 304-214-8845,

If your complaint is not resolved at the institution, you may present your complaint to the
appropriate agencies below:

  • If your complaint is associated with WVNCC’s compliance with academic program
    quality and accrediting standards, you may file a complaint with the Higher Learning
    Commission, the agency that accredits the institution.
  • If the complaint is in reference to a specific program that holds accreditation, you may
    contact the appropriate agency to register your complaint: College Accreditation
  • For all other complaints about WVNCC that are not about compliance with academic
    program quality and accrediting standards, you may file a complaint:
    • At the West Virginia Community and Technical College System or to the West
      Virginia State Attorney General.

Student Complaints

  • To comply with federal regulations and to contribute to the ongoing assessment of College excellence, the College will address student complaints in timely manner and
    in a way that demonstrates fairness and attention to student concerns. Formal written
    student complaints will be recorded in a log to meet the requirement of The Higher
    Learning Commission (HLC) regarding student complaints. Written complaints that
    have not been signed will not be entered into the log, unless a pattern involving a
    specific issue, division, department, or policy warrants an investigation.
  • The log will include information about the disposition of student complaints,
    including those referred to external agencies for resolution. This log, with individual
    identities shielded, will be available to the Peer Review Team of the Higher Learning
    Commission for review. Written complaints forwarded to the College by the Higher
    Learning Commission will be tracked and recorded as part of this rule. The link is

For information or questions about this procedure, contact the Vice President of Student Care & Success, Janet Fike, at 304-214-8845 or

Non-Discrimination Statement

West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution and does not discriminate based on race, sex (e.g., sex, sex stereotypes, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and pregnancy or parenting status), disability, religion, color, national origin, or age in admission, employment, educational programs, or activities; nor does it discriminate based on genetic information in employment or employee health benefits. Further, faculty, staff, students, and applicants are protected from retaliation for making complaints or assisting in investigations of discrimination. WVNCC will take steps to assure that a lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in the college’s CTE offerings. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Full Non-discrimination notice and associated policies, procedures and forms.