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About Academic Accommodations

Procedure and Policies

The Assistive Technology Lab is a professional, academic environment. Students are expected to behave accordingly. Disruptive behavior and/or harassment of others, use or installation of non-academic web pages, theft or attempted theft of materials or hardware, use of inappropriate and/or non-educational materials, tampering with hardware or hardware setups, failure to follow instruction/direction of staff will not be tolerated - offenders will be asked to leave and may not be permitted to return.

Students entering the ASC for accommodation will be signed in and out.

Test Taking Accommodations

The Accessibility Office has a test room for students requiring extra time and/or a distraction-free environment. ALL testing accommodations must be scheduled at least one work day in advance.

Testing takes place during normal operating hours (8:00am to 5:00pm) Monday through Friday. Alternative testing accommodations for students in classes meeting outside of normal hours of operation will have to be coordinated in advance with the Accessibility Counselor. It is the student’s responsibility to remind instructors of the need for testing accommodations and to schedule with the Accessibility Counselor at least one work day in advance.

Assistive Technology Available

Alternate Text Format

  • Kurzweil
  • E-texts, electronic texts 
  • BrailleNote Apex or large text 
  • Students can purchase a personal, individual membership fee to RFB&D.   

Software to Assist with Writing and Reading

  •  Amigo, a portable magnifier 
  •  PAC MATE, a hand held computer with a GPS unit
  •  JAWS software
  •  MAGIC 
  •  Dragon Dictate, a voice recognition software
  •  Zoom Text software
  •  Intel Reader, a hand  held page reader 

Educational Software

The Kurzweil 3000 is a state of the art text-to-voice software program.  The Kurzweil converts written text into a synthesized speech.  This software is especially helpful for students who are dyslexic or visually impaired. The Kurzweil helps students increase reading speed and comprehension.  It uses a multi-sensory approach that allows students to both hear and see the text. Kurzweil will even let students’ type text and hear the text as they type.  The Kurzweil is very user-friendly and requires little training.  Students may choose from a variety of voices and may adjust reading rate, font size, and the color as well as the amount of text highlighted.  


Tutors are available through the ASC Tutoring Program on all three campuses.