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Adult Learners and Transitional Education

Academic Success Center

"Serving All West Virginia Northern Community College Campuses"
The purpose of the Academic Success Center is to extend and provide learning assistance to all West Virginia Northern Community College students who exhibit and express the need for academic assistance and to create responsive and appropriate opportunities for skill development and academic success.

The Center provides programs and services for student development, including academic needs assessment, preparation for success in a degree program, academic advisement, tutoring, and supplemental instruction. The services of the Center are available on campus in Wheeling, Weirton, and New Martinsville and are aimed at increasing academic ability or preparedness for college coursework. Tutors are available in almost all curriculum areas. The Center on each campus has computers for student use with software available for skills enhancement and tutorial reviews. 

Furthermore, the Center participates in programs to promote the success of students in transitional education.  Transitional education courses include pre-college-level courses in reading, English (writing), and mathematics.  Incoming students whose placement scores show that they are not yet prepared for college work are placed into transitional courses to enhance their fundamental skills in reading, writing, and/or math and to assist their assimilation to college-level course expectations.  Transitional courses are required in addition to college-level program requirements for students who test into transitional education.

To help students succeed in transitional education or to help students test directly into college-level reading, writing, and math, the Center offers assistance through key resources.  These programs include tutoring for all transitional courses, as well as tutoring in placement test preparation.  Currently enrolled students taking transitional coursework can benefit from the free assistance of the College's tutors throughout the school year.  In addition, placement test prep aims to better prepare incoming students for placement testing, used to determine whether students need to begin in transitional courses or college-level reading, writing, and math.  The goal is to help students review fundamental skills and, ideally, test into college-level courses, rather than into transitional courses.  Finally, the Academic Advisor "Student Success" works one-on-one as advisor to students needing all transitional courses in reading, writing, and math, helping students connect to academic support, community resources, and program advising.