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Global Protect Instructions

In order to access your resources externally, please follow these instructions.

Initial download

  1. Click the following link Global Protect Portal
  2. Ignore the certificate warning that appears. The process is different in each browser. ( note: The site safe, this warning appears because the certificate is self signed)chrome certificate example
  3. On the form that appears, enter your regular domain username and password. The same one you use to sign into your on-site machine. (note: you DO NOT need to include form
  4. Once you have been authorized, click the appropriate installer for your computer to start the download
  5. Follow the instructions for the installer

If you cannot get past this stage, please email


  1. Type into the box that appears after running the applicationIP address settings
    1. If you don't see this box appear, click show hidden icons in your taskbar and click the icon that looks like a globetaskbar1taskbar2
  2. Click continue if a certificate error appearscertificate error
  3. Enter your username and password in the login form just as you did in the previous sectionlogin
  4. After entering your credentials, you should see the following screenconnected

Connecting Network Drives (WIN 10)

To connect any network drive on a Windows 10 PC, please do the following

    1. In the windows search bar, type in "This PC"
    2. Right-click on the icon that appears and click "map network drive" this pc windows 10

Network Drive Instructions

map drive step 2

  1. Check both boxes below
  2. Click Finish and enter your credentials when prompted  On a non domain Machine you have to put wvnccusername in the username field