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Voluntary Disability Disclosure

  • West Virginia Northern Community College is committed to assuring that students with disabilities are afforded the same opportunities and the same responsibilities as all other students. Accommodations for students with disabilities are arranged through the Academic Resource Center (ARC), working with faculty, staff, and community agencies to arrange for reasonable and appropriate accommodation.

    Students requesting academic accommodations are required to complete an intake interview with an staff member. The intake paperwork should be completed during the intake appointment. Students should also be prepared to provide documentation of each disability to receive accommodations; documentation should be provided during the intake appointment. The intake appointment should be completed as soon as possible before beginning coursework to allow time for the coordination of accommodations. Any information you provide is voluntary and will be kept strictly confidential. Documentation must be from a physician, therapist, school psychologist, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or other appropriate professional and meet the following requirements:

    • Be on letterhead stationary
    • State a specific diagnosis/disability
    • Include the professional’s recommendation for accommodations needed to assist with the student’s academic program
    • Be dated within the past three years (or from high school if an IEP)

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  • What is the nature of your disability? (Please check all that apply): *

  • Once submitted, an ARC staff member will contact you to set up an appointment for an intake interview.  We encourage you to bring all the necessary documentation with you at the time of your appointment in order to help speed up the process of establishing your accommodations. 

    If you have additional questions, please email our office at or call us at 304-214-8923. 

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