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Articulation Agreements

WV Northern Community College has transfer articulation agreements with the schools listed below.  These agreements provide a ''value-added" component to a traditional transfer program by allowing additional credit transfers, direct admission, etc based on the agreement and the program.

In addition to the articulation agreements West Virginia has a Core Transfer Agreeement with all of the public institutions in the state, follow this link to the most current agreement of courses which transfer as general education courses, this statewide agreement is updated yearly.

WV Northern is additionally part of the WV Reverse Transfer Agreement with West Virginia University (WVU) signed in summer 2018 which will allow students who take classes at WV Northern then transfer to WVU to have their credits sent through this agreement to have their coursework reviewed to award a postsecondary degree.  Attached is the agreement signed by the WV CTCS schools WVU Reverse Transfer Agreement


Click the links below to obtain more information about the transfer institution agreement.  Agreements can be ongoing, program specific, specific to a catalog year (s) or any combination.  The College will continue to update this website as new and updated agreements are available.



Please note that general agreements with many colleges cover both the general and program agreements. Some programs are added and removed without a new agreement but remain covered under the general agreeement, WV Northern through its College Catalog includes any program specific GPA or other admissions and coursework information it is aware of.  Students should begin to meet with the admissions office of their intended transfer college within the first few semesters of their program at WV Northern to determine admissions timelines and any additional details that are needed. WV Northern allows transfer articulation colleges to provide admissions representative to be available for information on our campuses throughout the year. WV Northern students should watch their Northern email for when College representative related to their major are scheduled to visit.

Questions can be directed to the Registrar's Office, Office of the VP of Academic Affairs, Division Chairs or Program Director.


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