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  • I understand that by submitting this form, I will ONLY be in the major that I have indicated on this form and ALL other majors will be ended. I also understand that this form must be received by the end of the first week of each semester.

  • Change of major must be current or future catalog. Must be received by Friday of the first week of class for each semester.


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  • Program List & Codes

    AA - Associate in Arts  •  AS - Associate in Science
    AAS - Associate in Applied Science  •  CAS - Certificate in Applied Science
    SS - Skill Set

    100 Associate in Arts, General Concentration AA

    342 Associate in Arts, History/Social Science Concentration AA

    343  Associate in Arts, English/Humanities Concentration , AA

    119 Associate in Arts, Psychology Concentration AA

    335 Community Education 2+2 WLU AA

    389 Education: Secondary Education, Social Sciences Specialization (Transfer to West Liberty University) AA

    397 Elementary Education (Pre-Elemenary Education Option) Transfer to BC AA

    165 Psychology 2+2 WU AA

    345 Psychology with Social Work (Transfer to West Liberty University)   AA

    167 Social Work (Transfer to Bethany College) AA

    346 Social Work (Transfer to West Liberty University)   AA

    392 Social Work 2+2 to FUS, AA AA

    393 Social Work 2+2 to WVU, AA AA

    120 Accounting/Business Studies AAS

    244 Advanced Manufactuing & Automation AAS AAS

    450 Applied Technology AAS AAS

    445 Board of Governors AAS

    121 Business Administration, Business Studies AAS

    135 Business Administration, Business Studies 2+2 FUS AAS

    337 Business Administration, Business Studies, Management Concentration 2+2 WVSU AAS

    358 Business Administration, Pre-Business Studies 2+2 WVU AAS

    127 Computer Information Systems Specialization, Business Administration 2+2 WLU AAS

    339 Computer Information Technology, Cyber Security AAS

    356 Computer Information Technology, Cyber Support AAS

    359 Computer Information Technology, Cybersecurity 2+2 U of C AAS

    179 Computer Information Technology, Software Engineering AAS

    234 Criminal Justice AAS

    237 Criminal Justice, 2+2 WLU AAS

    322 Culinary Arts  AAS AAS

    329 Early Childhood: Care and Education (Paraprofessionsl Educator) AAS

    391 Education: Elementary Education (Transfer to West Liberty University) AAS

    390 Education: PK-5 Elementary Education AAS (Transfer to FUS)    AAS

    394 Education: Pre-K, K Early Intervention (Transfer to West Liberty University) AAS

    388 Education: Secondary Education, English Specialization (Transfer to West Liberty University) AAS

    265 Energy Technology AAS

    122 Executive Administrative Assistant, Business Studies AAS

    324 Human Services AAS

    245 Industrial Technology, AAS

    336 Instrumentation Process Technology AAS

    254 Radiologic Technology (Degr Completion LIMITED) AAS

    228 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Technology AAS

    396 Substance Abuse Intervention Specialist AAS

    238 Welding Technology AAS

    130 Accounting/Business Administration 2+2 FUS AS

    190 AS Concentration: Engineering & Construction Management Transfer to Wheeling University AS

    102 Associate in Science AS

    112 Business Administration 2+2 WLU AS

    104 Business Administration Transfer Option AS

    246 Pre-Engineering AS

    156 Business Office, Business Career Studies CAS

    355 Computer Information Technology, A+ Computer Repair CAS

    360 Computer Information Technology, Microsoft Applications CAS

    323 Culinary Arts  CAS

    264 Energy Technology CAS

    321 Hospitality and Tourism, CAS

    243 Industrial Maintenance Technology CAS

    163 Med Assisting, Administrative Medical Assistant CAS

    261 Medical Billing and Coding CAS

    260 Patient Care Technician CAS

    158 Small Business Management, Business Career Studies CAS

    239 Welding: Oil & Gas Pipe CAS

    395S Substance Abuse Intervention Technician SS

    739S Welding: Combination Pipe, Advanced Skill Set SS

    738S Welding: Structual Steel, Advanced Skill Set SS


    BC = Bethany College

    FUS = Franciscan University of Steubenville

    UC = University of Charleston

    WLU = West Liberty University

    WU = Wheeling University              

    WVSU = West Virginia State University

    WVU = West Virginia University


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