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Student Data

Research into enrollment characteristics of our students, evidence of their success, and their opinions is critical for institutional effectiveness, program review, enrollment management and other areas of College operations. Reports for data at the institution level are available through the links below. You may also want to visit the WVNCC Consumer Information page or national reports that utilize our data such as WVNCC College Navigator; College Scorecard; and College Affordability and Transparency Center.  

Achievement Outcomes

WVNCC is actively implementing a plan to improve our accuracy in not only tracking how many of our students transfer to other institutions, but also in determining a critical outcome for transfer students; whether they ultimately succeed in earning bachelor’s degrees. 

 Licensure Success Rates:





All test-takers 81.82% 84.44% 82.86%
Male 80.65% 90.00% 73.53%
Female 82.02% 83.48% 85.11%
Individuals with disabilities 75.00% 80.00% 88.89%
Economically Disadvantaged 81.82% 85.83% 81.99%
Nontradtional Enrollees (by gender according to program) 90.48% 82.35% 84.00%