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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure


Effective Date (If Applicable) 

Adjunct Faculty Teaching by Administrators or Classified Staff    Adjunct Faculty Approval Form (5-22-20) 5/26/2010
Alcoholic Beverages on Campuses Procedure Request Form-Alcoholic Beverages on Campuses 2/18/2015
College Emergency Closing Guidelines and Procedure   11/2015 
Copyright Policy    
Dangerous Weapons Regulations regarding dangerous weapons on campus 8-28-2018
Dress Code Updated 7-3-2018 The College dress code is professional and appropriately for your assignment (and daily work activities).  Supervisors have the responsibility to monitor dress and discuss with individuals if the person is wearing apparel that does not present the professional appearance which the area should portray.  Any dress code questions should be directed to your supervisor. 7-3-2018
Facilities Use Procedure 7-1-2010   7/1/2010
Full-time Faculty Promotion in Rank criteria and Procedure (July 2020)   5/4/2017

FERC Procedure Effective 1-7-2020

Faculty Professional Plan and Evaluation Document 2020


Full Time Faculty Absence Presidential Practice                              Faculty Absence Form 3/15/2010 
Funeral Leave Procedure   3/10/2014
Intellectual Property   10/4/2017
Jury Duty Reporting    
Master Key Usage Procedure 2-2009   2/2009
Nepotism (NC-2032) Administrative Procedure   11/3/2023
Online Course Procedure 10-12-2016   10/12/2016
Phone Conversation Recording   4/1/2008
Public Access Administrative Procedure   12/1/2011