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ADA Accommodations Procedure (draft)

ADA Accommodation Request Form

ADA Accommodation Medical Inquiry Form

  Authorization to Release Information  
  Authorization to Stop Payroll Deductions  
Change of Information Procedure Change of Information Form (Name and/or Address)  
  Class Cancellation Information  
  Classified Staff Salary Scale 7-1-2001  
  Employee Work Schedule  
  College Closing Procedure  
  Confidentiality/Privacy Agreement  
  Direct Deposit Application (2/2014)                             WV Pay Card Application (2/2015)  
  Division Chair Evaluation Form 2-13-18  
Educational Release Time Procedure Educational Release Time Form  
  Employee Workplace Injury Form   
  External Employment and Entrepreneurship Reporting Form   
  Faculty Absence Presidential Practice (Full-time)  

Faculty Professional Plan and Evaluation Document


Full-time Faculty Promotion in Rank criteria and Procedure (July 2020)

Promotion Chart (April 2017)

  Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Acknowledgement Form  
FMLA FMLA Poster  
  Federal Withholding Certificate (W-4) 2018  
  Grant Award Notification Form  
Grievance Procedure  Grievance Form
  Improvement Plan Sample (1-11)   
  Incident Reporting Form   
  Medical Leave of Absence Request Form  
  Mt Flex Change in Status Form   
  Mt Flex Flexible Spending Account Reimbursement Request Form   
  Overtime Approval Request Form  
  Photo Video Information Release Form  
  Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ)  
  Position Request  
Professional Development    
  Program Director Evaluation Form 2-13-18  
  Request for Catastrophic Leave Form  
  Request for Medical Leave of Absence  
  Request for Personnel Action Form (RPA)  
  Retirement 401 (a) Vendor Selection Form  
  Retirement 403B Compensation Deferral Election Form  
  Retirement 457B Compensation Deferral Election Form  
  Standard Long Term Disability Enrollment/Calculation Form  
  State of Ohio Tax Withholding Certificate  
  State of WV Tax Withholding Certificate  
  TIAA Beneficiary Designation Form  
  TIAA Name Change Form  
  Time Sheet  
  Voluntary Service(s) Release Approval Form  
  WV Pay Card Application (2/2014)  
  Work-Study Application  
  Work-Study Statement of Confidentiality Form  
WVNCC Tuition Waiver Procedure WVNCC Full-time Employee Tuition Waiver Form  
West Liberty Tuition Waiver-Eligible Employees Only WLU Full-time Employee Tuition Waiver Request Form